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If you're trippin' and you know it.
Automatic descriptions fed while on drugs.

We have some awesome descriptors for taking drugs, what drugs look like, and the devastating and hilarious effects of withdrawals. What we're missing, though, is the mid-buzz description. A lot of us seem to sort of impromptu RP whatever we think the drug would do while we're high, but there isn't any universal 'vibe' given by the game to lead a player in the right direction.

I propose a message that arrives at a certain time, depending on the drug, to give a hint of how your character is feeling that could help you properly roleplay being high as a kite.

An example for marcy:

10 seconds after use: You feel your pulse jump up.

1 minutes after use: You taste something acidic in the back of your throat.

5 minutes after use: You're feeling really driven to do...something. Maybe some more marcy?

And then, towards the end of the ride, something to note that you feel yourself coming down. Drugs in real life tend to have a cycle in the same way, and you feel it as you move through the experience. You take them. It builds. It builds more. It peaks. It falls. It falls some more. You eventually sober up. You feel hungover/withdrawals from the experience.

Just a jumping off point, maybe the community could come together to write these as inspiration for the staff to finish off?

+1 to this. It'd also be nice to be able to know if I'm still high or not without spamming @stats every 10 minutes.
I think this is a great idea. The stat bonuses are a good direction for RP, but it would be great to get more of a framework for what you're supposed to be "feeling".
This is easily scriptable. I would recommend having the symptoms be only messages sent to the player to provide a rough guide to what they're experiencing and not force emotes like withdrawal symptoms.

There's some sample withdrawal scripts in the Google Drive folder you can work off of if you're interest in creating this sort of thing.

That's pretty much what I was thinking Reefer. It doesn't need to be super precise, just some general bearings: "You feel an incredible burst of energy". Or something like that. People can then take those general statements and come up with their own expressions for what their character's reaction is.
I would be super happy to write script messages if this is something staff has the bandwidth to implement.
We have not had the best success with this in the past. Perhaps we could have messages you only get the first few times you take a drug? Or maybe if you haven't taken it in a while? It's hard not to get meta with these messages and people tend to tune them out. That doesn't mean they wouldn't be valuable to those that want them. Check the wiki for more info on what they do in the meantime.
Here's a thread I found that links to other threads on the subject:

Though, it might be worth mentioning that I had some issues navigating to the page for Drugs in Withmore. Maybe I'm just inattentive, but I was only able to navigate to the wiki because of a link posted by Johnny, from this thread which I found from the first link I posted.

Anyway, here's the wiki page for the drugs. Get ya drugs, here!

Would it be possible to have it be toggle-able? Like, for people who don't want them they can turn them off? I can see how it would get annoying for some people but I'd have a blast with them personally.
Part of the issue is repertitiveness. I'm sure some of you have seen the same sic quotes multiple times and we have like 1500 of those added over ten years. Writing interesting and diverse drug messages is super time consuming and hard to make dynamic. Having the ability to turn them off though, that's an interesting idea...
I think making them turn-offable is great.

The other thing is to make them not 'trips' but more clinical reports of symptoms -- 'your pulse is racing and your inhibitions are lowered' is a useful piece of IC knowledge that isn't repetitive, while 'your heart seems like it is going to beat out of your chest' has the sort of subjective flavor that could be repetitive. (Though I don't mind repetition where appropriate.)

I think it's also worth noting that when you smoke a cigarette, eat, or drink, you get the exact same messages over and over again, too.

Even a little nudge on consumption about what your character is actually feeling could definitely be useful for people not inherently familiar with what the drugs. It's also much more streamlined in the game than trying a new pill and having to stop and open up a webpage to properly pose what you're doing next, especially when the wiki pages aren't 100% consistent with the new descriptions provided by Cerb in A message when the down hits would be nice, too.

Something like this could also be used to differentiate the grades of drugs so a casual user can tell whether or not their dealer stiffed them, like how the different cigarettes have different taste messages.

Oh man, a message regarding a general stab at the quality would be amazing.

You rip the humbolt...this drekk is trash mano!

Discussed this at the Town Hall. I'd like to resurrect JMO's idea here. Think it could be really cool, and if toggle-able, no downsides. I take drugs all the time and honestly don't think I'd get sick of the messages.

If staff could weigh in on whether or not the messages would be graded depending on the general range of the drugs (low-med one message, higher grade different), that would be cool. Also, we're using the previous link to Cerbs' thread on what the "feel" of these are right? As a basis?

Either way I'm down to write up a bunch of these. As we discussed, it'd be broad-stroke messages, not specific stuff like: Your left pinky feels warm and you want to hit the first geezer you see.

I agree on giving some sort of message after you take the drug. Considering the amount of withdrawal messages that occur, I think it would strike a balance. Like eating and drinking, even one message to reflect what the drug does (heightens nerves, chills you out, etc) and allow the player to act accordingly would be good. One message could serve even if there isn't enough resources to do a tick message at intervals. This would work similar to food as it stands today.

The only consideration I haven't decided on is addiction. If someone is addicted to marcy, for example, I'm not sure if they'd feel the same effects, bump to bump. For the time being, I think there's more value in at least having one message now and figuring out true addiction later.

Also, just throwing this out there. Cerb had mentioned the idea of having cyberware to shoot up drugs hands-free, and some sort of clothing item to do this as well. I'd be all over that! Sounds cool and very CP.

Right DoveCage, there are a lot of variables. I think it's probably up to staff to figure out what the angle of attack here is. I think one message at the start is a good place to begin. Rolling out periodic messages sounds cool. Maybe if you're addicted, you could get another message like: "Man, another hit sounds great."

Then again we don't want to flood people with messages. Tough to find the perfect approach, but toggle-able seems to make it less of an issue.

I've added code to support showing players messaging about their experience while on drugs. Right now, v-202 is the only drug which has an experience message. You will only get one message per hit of a drug. There are currently 12 different messages based on the information in our lore page. These messages are internal, only player facing and not your character taking actions. Here are some examples for V-202:


You feel a drugged detachment from self and surroundings akin to looking at the world from outside of your body.

A surge of immense confidence wells up from within you as the drug drives deeper into your system.

Your sense of time distorts and slows as the effects of the drug hit. The world around you sharpens at the edges.


I'll be updating the scripting section with examples so players can get involved and write some of these scripts.

Very cool
Slither, I have extremely minimal scripting experience (just some JavaScript on the side for fun). I'd like to help with this, even if it's just crafting the messages. How can I get more involved?
There is a topic on it down on the bullshit board Dove. Down the bottom. Says even if you want to add the desctriptions and someone would do the actual coding.
Perfect, thank you!

(God, I almost said "aces." Sindome vernacular is haunting my real life conversations.)

Dove ...

.point to