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Label Drugs

It would be cool to be able to 'label' drugs like you can photos.

Why do this?

* More visible branding. There is a mechanic for branding right now, but it's pretty opaque.

* RP surrounding branding and investigation; when, for instance, a corporate character has Mix cook-branded candy or vice versa.

* More utility for the ability of chefs to 'tailor' the candy the chems they produce. Without going too deep into IC information, chemists can produce candy with particularized effects, but the ability to market based on those effects is sharply limited by the inability to distinguish between 'tailor's friend' weed and 'that joint the combat manos like.'

I think this would help chemists compete on things other than just price, and generally increase competitive RP between them, as well as be a tool for investigation (and deception of investigation.)

Great idea that would be awesome for other player-crafted items, too!
Would this change the name of the item? For example, would a V-202 become [NAME] V-202 or would you have to look at every individual V-202 you have to check for different branding?

If it changes the name, I think there may be some difficulty in making sure everything stacks properly even with the same names, as it'd have to make a new object each time.

If it doesn't change the name and just modifies the existing object, it would still be really cool but also difficult to validate large quantities of drugs are all of the same brand.

Alternatively, I wonder if a general 'label' item can be made that allows you to accomplish similar results but for anything. For example, with current devices you can create a box of business cards, I wonder if a box of labels could be made, like very bare-bones stickers.

The vision I have is that it does not change the name, it just changes the description like with a photo.

Yes, it's inconvenient with large batches, but considerably less inconvenient than the current system of determine if this is 'Sunset Chrome LnA-3z'.

This would be a lovely feature to have, but stacking might be a problem.
Couldn't you lie too?
You can lie about what you tailor, too, and that's allowed.
Lying is themely. As is figuring out who's calling their biz Blue Magic and putting the screws to them.
Yes. Lying in character is another plus -- if your rival is selling "Lab Grade Blue Magic mRc" now you can start labeling your street trash the same and flooding the market.
Lying on labels also wouldn't prevent people with the right skills and equipment from running a check on the quality like they do now. But labels would make it easier to sort the items for those checking (which can get real tedious if you mess up once or aren't straight up making only one kind of quality) and to market them.
Agree with crashdown! Different labels could be an interesting way for chemists to distinguish their top quality product from whatever didn't make the cut.
Also I don't believe it would mess up stacking, as there's already items in game that use labeling and it doesn't change the object name IIRC. It's just an added piece of @describe information when you look at the specific object.
I feel like this conversation has shifted away from the original idea of allowing a chemist to have their brand printed somewhere on the candy. What is the intention of allowing candy labels to be made based on quality? Allowing non-chemist characters the ability to keep their hoards of candy sorted by quality just by reading a label helps everyone but the chemist characters.

If a system like labelling candy were to be introduced then it should be purely for flavour of who cooked it or who they cooked it for. Maybe make the option to assign the brand when the equipment is set up.

If you have lots of candy that needs to be sorted by quality then hire and pay a chemist to grade and organize it for you.

I don't think anyone suggested having the labels be based on quality. But a chemist could label it with something saying it is lab quality, which may or may not be a lie.
Yes, exactly what batko posted. I don't want them auto-posted on labels, but labeling for photographs is freeform and in a freeform system for drug labeling chemists would be able to label quality if they wanted (which is helpful when a non-great chemist is trying to sort out all their drugs).
Lying about the attributes of candy already happens and all labelling it will do is make it so people don't need to talk to each other to get the lie.

I do like the idea of labelling based on where or how the candy was made. Giving it flavour to "Made in a flooded basement in the mix" vs "Sterile working environment" and all that is in between. With what you said in brackets though, I only see this labelling being useful to players who are not chemists.

I link the idea of it being something you see when you look, regardless of skill. Do if you look you see either:

Drug description. A blank label.


Drug description. A label reading, 'WORDS'.

But if you have skills and tools you can see more like usual. This means the labeler could lie or tell the truth and most wouldn't know. But someone with the right skills/stats/gear would/could know better.

Maybe boost payouts by a small amount if the label matches a buyer's last high-grade fix...
I guess this is what I'm trying to say. If labelling drugs with freeform text are introduced, it needs to add something to the RP around where it came from or who made it or make people question why you're trying to sell it or even give candy produced in some a highly sought after modifier.

It absolutely should not represent the data that is held by the chemists' ICly, their knowledge, their skills or equipment, who can tell you more technical info about the candy. If you're not asking a chemist what candy to use and you just want a label on it that says "Tailors: Use this!" does your character really care about the difference?

Drugs already have a label telling you the bare minimum basics so that you know it's at least not baking soda tablets when you look at it.

But.. but the label would likely be put on it by the chemists or people buying from the chemists to sell? I guess I don't understand your aversion to this on behalf of chemists because the ones who would do the labeling - or provide the information being talked about here - would.. be the chemists.
The thing that I find fun about this idea is that the label could be accurately detail the drug or be lies or be simple branding. The labels could be added by the chemist making them or some random person. But, in the end, only a chemist can tell what the drug's true story is with confidence.

I could see this used to create interesting RP.

Brand your candy until it has a good rep then start slipping in sub-par packages now and then to increase profit. Until you're found out!

Or, if your brand has a good rep and someone starts sabotaging that rep, go find who did it and conflict!

Imagine the paydata you can get, too, from going over to some corporate pad and seeing some shady mix label on their candy!
Bumping this. I still care about this being a thing. Do others still care about this being a thing?