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Chance to spot concealed weapons

Back when I started playing I thought that the layers of clothing were the dumbest thing ever, then, slowly, I started to see how cool it actually was. Got some armor but don't want the whole world to know about it? Throw on some baggy clothes over it and look like just another shmuck on the street!

Along those lines, having a holster tucked under your jacket is great. It's a classic movie/story scene where the character is talking to somebody and suddenly spots the outline of a holster/pistol in the crook of the arm. It immediately takes the conversation up a notch, which is great for a number of things.

The idea would be that players get a chance to spot concealed weapons based on their perception and weapon skills. First check would be size of weapon and your perception. Obviously, it's going to be a lot harder to notice a butterfly knife tucked under Razor Girl's thigh than it is to spot her rifle sticking out from under her trench-coat. First one, if succesful, would read something like:

"It looks like RazorGirl might be concealing a rifle beneath her clothes." This would be embedded in her description like existing holsters are.

The second would be a skill check against the looker's skill in that weapon (if this is possible). A person with great perception but shit knowledge on rifles might see that there's a rifle, but not what it is. In the case that you know your pistols like a real pro, you would see "It looks like RazorGirl is concealing a Ruger beneath her clothes."

As for saving throws for the concealer, maybe a higher disguise/agility allows you to hide gear a little better? Not sure there.

I think this actually is coded if you're not using a proper holster but I may be incorrect. That said, if you're well-known to carry a weapon and someone does there research - they can do just that. In a past life, another PC called out the caliber...holster side... amongst other things in a thought while we were interacting and it was somewhat flabbergasting.

So I don't think this is an impossible feat with the tools at your disposal now - just a difficult one as it should be.

You sure you just didn't actually put it on backwards, Reefer? I've never experienced anything like that.
I don't think spotting a holster and it's holstered weapon per say is all that great. IRL there are holsters specifically designed for ((Concealed)) carry. There are a good deal of holsters that are specifically meant to conceal a firearm so that you cannot see it. My buddy has a ,380 that is holstered so that it goes inside his pants rather then outside. I would have no idea it was there if he didn't tell me.

On the flip side to that, perhaps there should be holsters for specific firearms? Not all firearms in the real world fit in every holster. When you buy a holster, they typically list what firearms are compatible with it on packaging. If we had ankle holsters, I wouldn't expect you to cram your H&K Mk-23S, which is a rather large gun, into it. Your Seburo/PPK/P7? Sure. There is also a large rifle In game that the majority of you have probably not seen that is unable to be put in your inventory (unless that was fixed) You had to carry it and for good reason. Perhaps if this is not already a thing, certain firearms aside from handguns, should be looked at as being HIGHLY visible on you if you are carrying them around without a trench coat. Same with ninja swords and any future heavy weapons. Perhaps slings on long guns and shotguns and select Sub machine guns are just assumed as part of the weapon system and when you freehands or unwield it is shown as slung on your back? (I haven't seen anyone carrying these without the appropriate carrying item since I have been back, so I don't know if that is already how it is)

why yes i do have a bo staff and two katanas under my shirt
This brings me back to the post about people carrying 17 sledgehammers, a bo staff, six pistols and a joygirl in their pockets.

Just because inventory is somewhat handwaved, doesn't mean we need to abuse the handwave. If you're carrying something that should or would look obvious (See: bo staff, rifle, joygirl) try and be 'fair' with your inv.

But yes, conceal checks would be handy like this. That way we don't have to get overly frisky with everyone we have a talk with.

I have mixed feelings on the inventory issue. Fact is that as long as NPCs are pulling sledges and pick axes out of nowhere, I am not going to give people too hard a time if they are doing the same.

At the same time, I do try and keep it reasonable and try to never have things in my inventory or covered by clothing unless it makes sense. There are a few exceptions though.

One is hoodies and ponchos. Often I have to frequently wear and remove these since it is impossible to just drop the hood. And to be honest, having to take off and put on holsters, scabbards, slings and the like every time is annoying as hell.

If there is an official ruling on this, I'm all ears. But otherwise, I will continue to put in best effort as long as it's within reason.

Being able to see if someone's hiding weapons/armor under their clothes might be a cool feature to tack onto the Image Enhancement cyberware.
Oh, nice idea for the Image Enhancement feature.
Oh, nice idea for the Image Enhancement feature.