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Medical Bracelet
Docs with Guns

Everyone is going to know what this is from. I'd love to see a medical bracelet that transmits health information or can put out an automated alert onto a SIC channel with location.

Something for docs to use, and maybe roleplay out some non-mechanical services for medical extraction and care.

I'd like this if it was only to very specific recipients and also in the form of chrome, considering how powerful it'd be.

There's always a conversation every so often about how much SIC interferes with doing crimes, and this would only exacerbate the argument further.

Corpies getting it sent to their CorpSec team or the WJF or even medical services like AWC (oft underutilized) would be great. Even if it was just time of death and a GPS location.

:D this sounds quite cool, definitely a very corpie thing... right?

Would it obnoxiously transmit your name along with your medical status over pubSIC when everything goes horribly wrong for you?

Fair point, could be powerful. Or if it could just be configured by a tech person to transmit to a specified key.

I want to make sure it's clear. The goal really is to make a product that players *could* stock up on, and for medtechs to sell to people. Not to make an automated system that people pay to. The *only* enforcers and salesmen would be players, and it'd be an entirely player set up system.

Oh, didn't see HolyChrome's post... actually, I could see it being a massive hinderance Mix-side...

MedBrace (via pubSIC): Attention medical personnel, Joe Baka is suffering massive cardiac failure on Dagger Road, please respond urgently.

*Scavengers swarm with eyewatering speed*

Player hinging systems are hard to make work because it requires those players to be present. See the recent Town Hall conversation about crime rules being loosened, but it'd take more PCs around.
1+ If you can deactivate it via the user or with Certain Stuff and Things. Imagine getting in a spar and it starts to scream you are being attacked, lol.
That's an acceptable con to me. And a great nerf to your earlier comment.
Sorry for doublepost.

My vision, specifically is a bracelet or cyber item. It can be configured with a key, encryption, etc. Maybe disable-able for nefarious parties? Either way. They'd be cheap. <2500 chy.

Once condition changes to critical or the user is knocked out or bleeding, the bracelet puts out an alert on the configured channel. And that's it as far as coded stuff I'd expect from SD.

The rest would be up to players. Selling them to people, making sure there are people with cars to go fetch them, etc. Very much a system that only works so much as players actually giving a shit. I realize that's a pitfall, but we *do* get a lot of medical immies, and this might be worthwhile. Or maybe not! Who knows. It seemed like a low-difficulty thing to add.

If Johnny *really* wanted to, he could probably make a slighter more reliable version for Corp. Something like that might be an auto-injector version with a loadable vial or something similar. Or some NPC system. But it was outside of my original vision.

I'm just curious what this gives that isn't already possible by having a SIC chip and SICing for help. How does this promote more RP and conflict and story?

Less sardonically, there are a lot of ways that there's *oops sudden death*.

More firmly: Most people don't put their locations when they're screaming for help.

Most firmly: There's not a dedicated channel for it. None of these "clients" or "bracelet wielders" would have the capability to talk on said alert channel, ideally. So the only people capable of conversing on it would be the people responding to it.

.. Assuming it doesn't get hacked or something.

Would not* have the capability to talk on said channels.

Mmmm. post editing when.

I'd like this but I think it should be pretty spendy. Not everyone should easily be able afford premium protection. There should also be a way to hack it for sure, but not -too- easily that buying it becomes obsolete.

I'm also concerned that it might take away from that feeling of fear when you don't take the time to report your every move to your protectors? I love that fear. Even if a lot of it is manufactured. I'd hate for this to take away from RP by removing that. Its difficult to talk about this without speaking specifically, sorry :/

One way to replicate this functionality is to simply add a SIC ability to prog-cloth. Then a prog-cloth maker could program the following:

TEASE "The %t starts flashing %bright and %brcyan on %n's wrist."


SIC TRAUMATEAM "%n (registered patient %#) has activated %p %t."


SIC TRAUMATEAM "Location found: %l."

That would make it a manually activated item (using "activate bracelet"), so there's still reasonable workarounds for nefarious characters, and probably a little delay before it goes off.