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Memento Hoods with Clothes
You see that they're wearing a hood. And only a hood. Aight.

I absolutely love the idea of hooded and shrouded mementos. It adds a really good suspense and breaks a meta in a way. But with hoods, in particular, it can be easy. They have no nudities and have no clothes other than the hood, which kind of breaks the guise. I would propose giving such NPCs in particular random colored immigrant clothes, or even randomly colored softshell gloves, so that this is no longer noticeable and they look exactly like players, even further adding to.
+1 to this.

Hooded ones are incredibly easy to identify due to the reasons pointed out. I will add on to the love of the mementos, though. They're great for disguises.


Can't count the number of times I've seen a hood and been thrilled like, "oh no, I don't want to risk it... okay.... I'm going for it!"

and then I look at the hood and it's not wearing pants or sneakers or gloves and I feel disappointed at the reduced risk.

Always a chance it could "come alive" but still.

Another +1

I'm pretty sure this has been discussed, and I don't remember any staff response saying no to the idea.

Of course it could be an ass-naked PC who's wiped their @nakeds...

Nah, if the PC is ass-naked, it's say 'Bareassed (person'
Ah, touché Beepboop.
Yea, they are described as dressed but have no actual clothes, and it is a bit annoying dead-giveaway that it's an npc - no matter how much you may try to ignore it. Immie clothes for all of them!
An added benefit that then all players who wear hoodie + immie clothes to blend in, will actually blend in.
Yeah, this too.
+1 to what ynk said

As much as I try not to, I do the same thing when I notice the lack of clothes on hooded NPCs