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Multi-Calls on holophones
Hologram evil council meetings!

Holophones are awesome, and they always reminded me of the scene in Star Wars where Vader is kneeling before the hologram of the Emperor. If possible, could we allow more than one caller on Holophones at once so you could have your super secret dark council meetings of doom remotely?

+10, I assumed they would work like that already, great idea. Please let me aspire to be a shadowy hooded hologram speaking to rooms full of inept minions one day.

...Now, where's my black shroud?

+1 would be a cool feature
+1 this, only because you described it as so you could have your super-secret dark council meetings of doom remotely.
The holophone is probably my favorite accessory for any corporate big shot or crime lord. +1 but not sure how difficult conference calls would work.

This is such a neat idea.
+1 If only because I want to be one of the minions.