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New Topside Crime Protocol
Acknowledgement, not puppeting.

Instead of needing GM's actively puppetting for crime topside, change the rule to you must xhelp that you would like to do it, and a GM acknowledges that they are aware of your plan. This doesn't mean that they have to spend time puppeting every Judge, but it does mean they're aware and may @puppet near if you fuck it up.

For crimes on Green, where presence is more heavy-handed, maybe retain the actively puppeting rule and see how it plays out on Gold for a while.

That is how it currently works.
Oh, I thought you had to have a GM basically watching you the whole time? Like setting up a plot. Guess I misunderstood the rule set then.
This is already the case.

The xhelp is just a check to make sure there WILL be a response, not just a "GM must puppet all the Judges" response. It's to stop people from rampage killing on Gold / running around failing pickpockets on Judges and shit without the world reacting in a themely way.

If there's no staff to verify, or the staff would need to provide the response and can't, that's when you get told no or don't get an answer.

Damn, three years later and I'm still learning stuff haha. Thanks gang.

To clarify what you said.

If someone wants to commit crimes on Gold, is sending an xhelp enough?

Or does the player need to wait until the xhelp is acknowledged?

You need to wait until the xhelp is acknowledged.

I appreciate the response. I trust that you know what you're talking about.

But I want a staffer to respond.

You need to wait until the xhelp is acknowledged.
I just want to add, that clearly this information is not as well spread as others might think. So maybe, add it to a help file. Help crime? Does this exist already?

Because I too, got yelled at...A LOT...regarding this some months ago and it was assumed this was commonplace knowledge.

Help xhelp is a great file to review.

"We require that you xhelp before doing the following:

-> Crimes in Secure Zones, for example, Gold Sector, Green Sector, Blue Sector, SCF Prison, Corporate Buildings, etc. This includes but is not limited to Assault, crashing a vehicle, dipping, kidnapping, vehicle theft, bombings, etc.

When committing crimes, the general idea is that the player needs to think a little and decide if what they are doing might be something that established factions might notice, would care about and could reasonably react to. If yes, then xhelp first. Also, whenever you want to do something in front of or to NPCs that the automated responses are not sufficient enough to handle, you should also consider xhelping.

It is 100% acceptable for you xhelp us asking about a situation so we can let you know if it's good to go without an xhelp and thank you for checking in first. Sindome is a common-sense game - If it feels like something that should be xhelped, then xhelp. Better safe, than sorry."

XHELP and wait for a response.

If you get told no or no response, either the staff isn't able to verify that a response is possible(either PC or NPC), or the staff would need to provide the response and isn't available to do so.

To what ErgoProxy and crashdown brought up...

I think it would be extremely helpful to identify when a player needs to wait for an xhelp response, and when simply xhelping by itself is acceptable.

I think 'help xhelp' would be a good place to put it.

For simplicity, it might be easier to list situations where we do NOT need to wait for a response. Those are probably fewer. And also, by identifying when we do NOT have to wait, it implies that we DO have to wait in any situation not explicitly identified.

What the Hek?


Nobody brought up xhelping and NOT waiting for a response.

Staff certainly didn't suggest any such thing, and the quoted helpfile doesn't either.

What's to identify?


I have been told on a couple of occasions to xhelp as a notification when interacting with certain types of NPCs.

It is a situation in which ideally a GM would like to be available to respond. But it's not absolutely necessary for them to be involved.

As I said, the situations where you DON'T need to wait for a response are few and far between. That's why it's probably easy to list those in the help file.