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Newbie Helpers
Or some other weird title like that

This thought occurred to me while the game-help channel was trying to help a new player last night. I would have posted it then, but my computer crashed on me.

Before I start, I while say that I love our awesome community and their willingness to help out new players when and where ever possible.

However, what I was seeing seemed like a clusterfuck of ambiguous information being thrown at the new players from five plus different players, that was leaving the newbie confused, thus being ultimately not helpful.

What I propose are designated newbie helpers. Experienced players who are very familiar with the game and willing to actually listen to newbies questions and ask follow up questions instead of just barrage them with "That's IC" over and over again. Now, obviously this doesn't mean sharing of IC info, more helping guide newbies as to how they can go about finding out IC, or even what IC means, if the case warrants it.

Tell me what you think, chummers.

The problem with this, I feel, is that it would be the same issue as having GM's answer player questions.

Yes, it would be sweet to have someone that knows the answers and is really knowledgeable about how to answer just about anything sent their way and get some one on one advice from someone, but sometimes people just aren't available. Sometimes you're RP'ing and you really can't take the time to dedicate to helping a newbie. Sometimes you're not logged in. You get disconnected briefly and you don't know what they've said any more.

Getting help by the whole community shows that the community exists. If only one person is showing initiative to help because that's the system that's set up, it really neglects the other members of the community that are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

The strong sense of community that we have is, mostly, because of the constant barrage of shit we send out trying to help as a team. We take that away, and the community won't be what it used to be. I'm sure things could be better, with more appropriate answers and people growing more experienced, but I think that will just come naturally as newer players, like me, continue to play, and we'll still have the issues as new, helpful players come along that haven't quite picked everything up yet.

Some fair points, perhaps we can turn this thread it guiding the members of our community towards best helping newbies, then. I'll post up more ideas when I have the time.

Perhaps designated 'mentors' could have access to a channel like xhelp, but sent to mentors and GMs, so if someone can't figure out how to ask a question without giving IC information, these volunteer GM-approved players can be privy to enough to answer the question?

This could provide answers to questions that would otherwise need to hit xhelp, but without having to pull GMs away from other duties. As well, these mentors could (or not) get a Mentor tag on Game-Help specifically, to denote them as experienced and trusted players.

The problem is you're all a bunch of assholes who won't eeven delete someone's account.

Maybe if you weren't such antisocial losers you'd do something right.

As long as you fucking morons send people to the asshole players on the IC grid to get basic OOC information, you're going to be perpetual fuckups. You know, like you are in real life.