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Objects that should have fill levels
But don't.

Bar supplys are tracked pretty blatantly and exactly for the owner of a bar... But there's no way for tenders or those with access to the bar to view the stock level, which can result in stock running out if the owner isn't around or is inattentive to it.

Things that should have fill levels in their look or scrutinize.


Perfumes and Colognes.

Bars and Kitchenette's.

One other thing came up in head that I haven't checked in a long while so I could be wrong about it not showing a fill level.

Gas Cans.

My idea is to add a relative fill level to the look of these or to their scrutinize possibly to the use screen for the bar or kitchenette if it's something you want to obfuscate from the general public.

If I'm not mistaken, perfume and gas cans already have fill levels in their inspect/scrutinize readouts. Kitchenettes don't, but kitchenettes take forever to use up.
Perfume does not, or at least not all perfume does.

I know of at least 5 varieties that lack the feature to tell how full they are.

Which is compared to the 0 I've seen that do have that feature.

Huh, seems you're right. I could swear up and down that at least some do.

In that case, sure, seems reasonable and consistent.

"kitchenettes take forever to use up"

but when it does run out = complete surprise

In a past thread, perfume levels were said to be determinable if you pass some check.
I cannot find that thread, YNK. And the latest I can find on it, has many people stating that they find it a good idea.With you even stating that you can't even shake it to feel how much is left.
Okay, well, without going into detail, I know for a fact that a number of characters can tell ICly how much perfume there is left.

Is a great thread to review.

This is amusingly realistic. Some of these fucking little bottles are impossible.
Perfumes now have a message upon inspection with the rough amount remaining.

Fuel containers already show this information if you simply look at them. I've added it to inspection as well.

Kitchens and bars now show this information upon inspection.