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Ordering At a bar
It's Party Time, Chummer!

We should have a better way to order en masse, or start a party at bars and taverns if we're not the bartender, when there isn't a PC tender available. Like.. Tell the tender" Hey, I wanna start a party, I wanna buy eveyone's drink for X amount of time," and they're like "That's 5000 chy, Chummer" Or something like that, And until the 5k is depleted,, drinks are free? Just spitballing.
With no refund so you can feel like a loser when nobody shows up
Aww I love it! Yeah!!
Love it!
Currently you can be like 15 shots of vodka, right? Maybe just pre order a bunch of drinks and they will sit on the bar and people can help themselves? It's at least an intermediate step that you can do now to support these types of situations.