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Own wound location
-I- know I got stabbed in the thigh...

Just a simple little bit to help out with RP when you take a wound that is concealed by clothing...when you check your own health, maybe have it list out the location and types of wounds on your own person, regardless of clothing coverage?
You can already check your @nakeds.
A) neat!

2) thats a bit overwhelming.

I'm glad there is -a- way to do it, but i would still like to see 'just' the wounds in the context of the health check.

GLANCE WOUNDS could be a fancy new option.
I would like this too. And to be able to recognize on others with medical skill and maybe some stats? I feel like this has been suggested somewhere... Cant seem to find it now.
Please don't put this on the ht command. That needs to be as spam-free as possible.

Typing @nakeds shows all your own wounds. Seems fine to me.

I agree with Vera on this one. If you add it to ht, it'll become more spammy. And, if a wound is hidden under clothes, it seems a bit meta for any person to be able to see that (maybe they're the tough type who don't want their injuries known?). Doing @nakeds leaves it up to the PC to either explain their injuries to medical staff or roleplay them accordingly.
I am with Vera on this one. Please do not add this to ht.

The hard mode gamer in me would like wound info to only be available with some sort of medical or biotech roll. But that's probably asking for too much. Ideally a character might know which part of their body is wounded, but not the extent of the wound.

As long as I'm asking for the impossible here, it would be great if it could be automatically coded. So that when characters look at themselves it does the wound assessment based on their skills and stats. In other words, they don't actually need to use a skill as a separate command.

It's fine as is and any changes would likely be an impediment to both combat and RP. Cannot stress this enough.
What is the "extent of the wound" though? In Sindome, there is no internal injuries, broken bones, or stubbed toes.

You are either suffering from a GSW or a stab, cut, bruise, burn, bad relationship with your father, or nothing. Until the other stuff is ever made a thing, then KISS (keep it simple stupid) methodology should apply.

... you can see your wounds with @nakeds? Huh. That's cool. I didn't know that was a thing. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

I do not think glance would be a great use for surfacing this information. Glance is less about looking at yourself and more about looking at others.

I can see this being added to your own 'look me' though, as you would definitely not need medical skill to know you got slashed in the thigh or shot in the foot.

Perhaps put the wound readout under the blurb about your condition?