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Price Ranges While Browsing
So I can find the available items to buy within my budget

Maybe add a feature where when you browse, it's possible to put parameters on the price range on the products? It would make it easier to see what's buyable and what's not.
What about if (with sufficient trading) you could 'look stall' and see a list of all the items for sale, similar to a shop. You could then interact with them by number, like 'app 22' to check out item 22 more closely or 'haggle 22' to begin haggling for it.
The first suggestion sounds really meta to me. In real life, you wouldn't know if you're being ripped off or not, unless you know the price ranges yourself.
No no, i mean you can search for items that are within the parameters.

So you can type:

Browse <1000

And find an item available in the area that's less than 1000c.

Just a suggestion tho.

As far as I understand, as you become better of a fixer (or whatever it is you use markets for) you go less for a "browse" and more on targetted hunts, with few exceptions.
idk a command to browse within a price range sounds like a pretty reasonable request to me
You don't know the price of an item until you've seen it IC. Looking for stuff in a specific price range seems rather meta, as price seems to be a verbal agreement based on my IC interactions, and not a posted sticker that can be browsed.
Incorrect, and there's nothing meta about the suggestion.

You're incorrect. The in game messages do no support your statement. Browsing based on price is contrary to the actual IC mechanics.

I have used the markets extensively thanks.

You might want to read the messages a bit more closely when you find an item then.

someone help
Vera, please stop being a cunt, the markets work in a way that suggests that there is no CENTRAL way to list on items. And the prices are set vendor by vendor from an IC perspective.

This is central to how the markets, even if you OOCly know that with your market skills, you can get a vendor to offer you an item at say 90% value and bargain it down to say 55%, you're not going to know ICly anything more than a suggestion.

Using targetted browse commands is the equivelent of going from stall to stall looking for an item, you are not going to FIND that item every time. Nor are you going to know what all is there.

This suggestion runs counter to how market commands work in game, and thus I give it a -1.

I agree that while a browsing range would be convinient, it breaks the style of the market where its just a person picking at piles of junk and then a vendor judginghow much they can get out of you.
Please stop calling me a cunt I just don't see what the issue is with a command that lets you only see items under a certain value so the drunk little girl stops showing you the same 20,000 medieval ballgown over and over again.

it's IC that that 20k ball gown is the only item of note in that part of the market. There are IC mechanics that let you filter based on IC information, not meta information that your character has no way of knowing. There are also IC ways of changing what you find when you browse. I suggest experimenting and trying out different things to learn the system.

Yes I'm aware of how the markets work I've used them extensively.

OP is asking for a command that lets them browse for offers under a certain number so that they can rummage through the cheaper stock and not waste time being shown expensive things.

Yes the price varies at different times and places for different people. Nowhere in the OP's suggestion was there any request that this option circumvent this mechanic. The game knows the absolute value of an item and it knows what price you're going to be offered for it. The request as stated would bypass offers over your stated amount and only show you cheaper stuff. It wouldn't somehow cheat you into learning or getting something you otherwise wouldn't.

I don't see how this is necessarily meta, it's just QoL

just like how irl you wouldn't go to that shop that sells Rolex if you're piss poor you probably would avoid the market stall that sells you shit more than you could afford

it'd make browsing faster though which is maybe a negative point in some cases

You could put a skill gate on it to answer that last point.
I really hate that this is how the forums have gotten. I literally have to check each of these threads now, not to see IF people have turned to childish attacks, slurs, and just outright arguing between two people, but when.

If you can't be an adult, get off this forum.

Is it really that unbelievable that you would ask, "What you got for under a kay?"

Browse <1000 sounds reasonable ICly. Balance though? I have no clue. Could be used to suss out every item in a particular stall faster? Whatever.

I think that this is a great idea. It should be limited to people with fairly high skill. But other than that, it seems really workable.

What a lot of commenters seem to be missing or misconstruing is that the OP and Vera are not suggesting being able to 'find out' what something costs. As others have pointed out, costs are variable. But that is not the ask.

The ask is to be able to set a parameter to see everything that costs less than X. A trader knows how much they want to pay.

I think it goes without saying, but the cost parameter should reflect the pre-haggle price. Not the minimum amount that a merchant will accept for it.

I like this and it neat +1


Would it be any different then going up to a vendor and asking what they got under five Kay, one Kay, etc? Just don’t see the big deal to the opposition of this idea.
Aside from being a bit small-worldy (There's HUNDREDS of vendors per room, each with potentially HUNDREDS of items, much of which is probably trinkets and junk worth a few chy each. None of this is represented by actual in game mechanics though), It creates a situation where you're filtering by item price automatically that is in direct contradiction to the game messages.

It's not mechanically a big deal, just not how the markets are presented, and how things are presented in game plays a huge impact on how the system can operate mechanically, as I've been made aware in multitudinous threads.

I haven’t used the markets in a good bit so I don’t feel like I have a leg to stand on in an argument about the messages, but I also don’t feel like this would be terribly detrimental. Just my opinion.
My first instinct after reading this suggestion was to say no, I like the markets how they is, but then I thought about it for a little bit and:

> browse trenchcoat

Doesn't seem any more small worldly than:

> browse trenchcoat 3000

Limiting the merchant ambient npcs to wares that cost 3000 or less, or whatever the syntax would be. It sounds like a good reward for someone who's invested in the proper skills/stats.

Sidenote, but I wish people would stop insulting one another on the idea board, it's made browsing people's suggestions very unfun.

+1 Dreamer and Kraock, this is ridiculous and the three or four people that are doing this in every thread should probably try to cool off :)
Vera, please stop being a cunt

Are you fucking kidding me? Can we start banning people from the forums, please?

On topic, there's nothing meta about this idea. It's just looking for items that are lower quality. The current browse system is extremely unwieldy and I say that as someone who is a master of the markets.