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SIC in the Mix

Has there been a reduction in SIC brown-outs in the past year or so? I just feel like there's almost always SIC available when someones -needs- it in the mix, and I rarely lose sic when i'm roaming around tile to tile.

I just don't recall it being so available 2-3 yrs ago. With so much WJF traffic these days it might be a good thing to increase the SIC drop-outs so it isn't so easy for them to just show up and kill you every time you get into a fight.

The Mix is starting to look like just an extension of Gold sector.

No, such is life in Withmore. Get over it. Maybe there will be zero deadzones for awhile. How about that?

Ya, so every time someone fights in a CP MOO the Judges will be right there to end it despite how massive Red is SUPPOSED to be, nevermind violence and dark and gritty, let's just focus on giving the Judges someone to kill every time someone has a bar fight or something, that should really discourage people from being too fluffy.