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Splitting "Where's the party at?"
Corpies don't care aboutta Drome

It's a simple suggestion, although I'm not sure how simple it is to implement. What I'd like to suggest is for bartenders to spit out two answers to "Where's the party at?", or one but based on whether they're in a corpie or mix place.

It's a bit frustrating hearing "The Drome", as newest hire at corp X, or hearing "The KMB" as newest pledge at gang X.

Even better is when there's a party in space. "HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT?!"
Always funny when Rychek says the party is in the SK tower elevator lobby second floor.
Bartenders have special connections, that's why, and how.
Personally I would fire Mr. Chek for directing business away from my establishment.
I vote to keep it the same because it plays to the divide.

Corpies can't come down to the real parties? Boo hoo hoo.

Mixers can't get into KMB? What's the problem? Who even wants to party THERE? ;)

I'm with Hek. The tease of exclusivity is so delicious.
Maybe a middle ground is having them say both topside and the mix? I don't think they should be talking about space that seems like an oversight. Technically they would probably tell you about the Badlands too heh.
No middle ground. You're either cool, or your not.

(Hint: Corpies aren't cool. They make up for it by crying themselves to sleep on piles of chy.)

I think that would be pretty good, yeah.
Also - I dunno if it's an issue, but they also bring up street blocks, which if it's a fight or a mugging or something it can be odd. I once showed up at such a thing with an incredibly idle new player in a random street block in an unpopulated area, which could be odd.
This has been updated, per feedback here. I posted in the improvements thread about it, but this is much smarter now and breaks things out by level.
Also the gathering info should be restricted to rooms that are somehow tagged as bars or clubs? Because afaik the party is where the largest gathering is. I a bunch of people using an elevator at the same time is hardly a party is it?
But what if somebody throws a party on a roof?
I take back what I said. This update is much better at facilitating RP. 😁