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Still capture security camera
For photography

It would be cool if certain security cameras had an option at the monitor to capture a picture of what it sees
I think we need a bit of an overhaul of camera systems. A hard copy feature ala blade runner: would be cool but there needs to be a static limit on recording lengths either based on time or number of lines of actions that take place. Being able to back up that data to e-memory or something would be perfect so you could transfer it to a Forensic specialist who could handle such things as a service.
I'm always pretty wary of more capture features, only because the limitations of the current systems push players to do more investigating and take more risks.

I do like what Reefer suggested though and it'd be a good way to mitigate a possibly overpowered revamp. Perhaps tying it to securetech and Forensics would make more people sink into those skills?

It’s just photography. It’s funny how we have 1980’s gas station cameras in 2104.

The real issue is “yeah, I saw the person, and I watched them for like a half hour, but I can’t describe them at all”.

That is a really good point on the latter.

I do like how horribly anachronistic sindome can be at times, but its also a matter of balancing gameplay.

+1 to at least being able to describe a motherbaka you see on camera

Although I know codewise, it's a pita

Could potentially repurpose the focus code that's in place for certain items for higher end cameras for a FOCUS option. Or at least when Grid 3.0 comes out and footage storage becomes a thing with the right skills, allow a playback that allows a pause and to use the same functions as the photographic cameras.

Lol. Basically.