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The Most Dangerous Game
Jaded Corpies Hunting Mixers

I was thinking, there are plenty of bored corpies and plenty of Mixers who need flash, and, with the advent of Class Wars, anti-Mix sentiment is pretty prevalent at the moment.

What about incorporating a scenario, either legally or not, where Mixers (maybe kidnapped, maybe paid) would be released into some kind of fun house maze and hunted by corpies who pay big bucks for the privilege, in the vain hopes of feeling something again? I feel like that would be a flash way to woo someone into a business deal, like, "Let's go hunt some trash, have your people call my people."

Imagine you're an immy and you get swept up off the street into that situation. That would be crazy.

Could be offered as an alternative to paying a fine under ten thousand. You volunteer for this, and whomever wants to do the hunt pays the fine. Multiple participants could each pay part of the fine, or group hunts with multiple targets could be set up.

Not to be that guy; but this feels like something said corpies should be trynna achieve through plots and notes, not something that should just be hard-implemented.

Already have this idea, it's been 75% implemented for about 2 years, just been too lazy to finish it and not enough criminals to make it worth while.

We clearly need more criminals then.