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Vandalizing vehicles
Park somewhere safer, chummer.

I’ve always supported something along these lines, but the majority do not because it is a huge investment, and “everyone would do it”.

I think there should be not only a defensive mechanism sold, but depending on what you’re doing and what area you are in, perhaps TERRA/gangers spawn to come smack you with heavy or sharp objects?

I'd be cool with this. It sounds easy enough to counteract by getting a safe parking spot or a better security system. It also solves the problem of having no way to mess with someone inside a locked car.
I also think this has potential. If it is carefully balanced it could be pretty damn cool.
The game WILL be better if there are vehicles in the mix on cinder blocks.

Wouldn't this be a way to lower the cost of vehicles? Yes you can get one, but if you are not careful it will not be a sweet ride for long.

This is a great idea.

In every RPG I have ever played, it was more or less de facto accepted that you had to pay to protect your transportation. Whether it was keeping your horse in an inn / stable, parking your garage in a secure garage, or paying the locals (gangers, squatters, etc.) to watch over it.