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Withmore Census
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When joining the game, one of your problems is that you're jumping in blind- and considering that you're creating a character that you're expecting to put yourself behind for several months, creating an archetype that's oversatured can lead to almost immediate burnout. Chemists can't find a job, strippers are using lamp-posts in the streets, muggers form a line to beat the hell out of some unfortunate Immy...

Fortunately, there's a way to prevent this- having a Census to state that, say, 17% or so of our playerbase self-identities as this archetype, will allow incoming players to gauge whether or not their character concept it one that will be successful out of the Omega Gates. There's nothing worse than having no work simply because there's too much competition and far too little work.


I think this would really help new player retention, especially if they are unfortunate enough to choose an archetype that is saturated out of the gate. They don't have to follow the census of course, but having some kind of warning there at least would be awesome.

Easy to implement with the current @poll system.

2 part poll question:

1) What role is your character?

(pick from list of maybe 20 things)

2) How long have you been in that role?

1-3 months

3-6 months

6months - 1 year

more than a year.

Dump that data to a simple table and put it in cgen. Can simply edit the data based on quarterly @poll polling and give players coming in a good idea of what might be in demand now.

Add an "Recently I've been looking to hire someone doing X" option, for sought after services or employees.
Seems like valuable information and I'd like to see where this goes. Might get a bit weird if you have main hustles and side hustles where you may not clearly drop into one category. Don't know if having two choices to allocate yourself or a separate 'sub-type' vote would inflate the vote unreasonably or not, but it might help reflect that.
I think this is a great idea and would love to see it implemented.

The only issue with this kind of system is that it may require quite a bit of upkeep. Do you divide between topside and mix? How often do you take the census? Is it something that is coded?

I read somewhere that the average character life is -just- six months. So -- in order for this to be accurate - it might have to be updated monthly. Even then, it may mislead and make newbies feel 'entitled' (that might not be the right word) to a certain career, which could cause some OOC frustration.


I imagine it would be easy enough to include a disclaimer at chargen to the effect of, "Choosing to RP an archetype, regardless of demand, does not guarantee you will find work at it IC."

I agree that there needs to be a metric for demand as well.

Not every job archetype is in even demand, I imagine. Some many have greater demand based on other archetypes. More street thugs / street sams / street urchins means more demand for medics, etc.