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[Feb '21] Improvements Feedback
Complaints, ideas, thanks go in here!

This is for feedback for Improvements and Bug Fixes completed in February 2021.
Can we scale back the table length on the new shelv/rack/cyberdoc sign outputs to match that of the SIC who list?

It's a few characters, and while it is absolutely personal client side settings driving this suggestion, I really don't want to make my phone font small to the point of being unreadable to prevent these new shop outputs from doubling up and scrolling everything off the screen.

Agreed, I @typo'd this, I can't imagine any sensible reason why it should be listed two items wide under this new format, instead of just a top-down list one after the other.

That worked on the OLD cyberware sign on FSMC because it was only about 50 characters wide, but now it approaches 200 and there's no way to make it fit without wrapping in a way that is very difficult to read.

And I'm on computer screens, not mobile screens.

There is nothing else in the game which is table-formatted output which is even close to this wide, on the player side. If it's wider than sic who:

I measured the old signs and made the columns every so slightly wider at 50 characters each. If you can't do 120 characters in 2021, there are LOTS of things that are going piss you off with what I'm doing.
SIC WHO is 105. Cyber charts with 2 columns are 104. :P
The shelves/racks/peg boards in the shops go up to around 110 at the moment. They're not static either, some are longer than others.
Been the same spacing there for 20 years, buddy. :-D
No, they changed at some point in the last 24 hours. They are much longer now, and they're not two column, it's single item per line.
Hmmm, maybe I broke something last night in the change I made then, digging now.
Loving the new 'dive' command for the Park. Can this be adjusted so that anyone doing it gets max filthy levels (in addition to the smell)? I think I just got dusty from it despite the awesome messaging.

I think given the messages you'd be hard pressed to come out anything but totally filthy. Thanks!

Payment rounds down in ways that could cause misunderstandings. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a feature in that you can only estimate what you got paid.

pay 5500 to joebaka

You pay Joebaka 5Kc chyen.

There's no rounding in the formatter, only dropping of zeros. I will test.
Looks like this was an issue, fixed as of, thanks Johnny!
Noticed a space missing when inspecting items. Not sure if it's worth @typo or putting here. An example would be.

You think it's common and you can probably get as much as976 chyen.


Is this just for /system output? Or for [REDACTED] as well? (I don't want to spoil it out here.)

I tried and it's changing my /system output but not my feed, which is still grey. Cool feature though!

Would it be possible to make the color used for the new unified chyen display customizable like the colors for people/items?
A lot of the money messaging is shared contexts, not individual. Wouldn't want to cause a new @options proom issue when half the purpose of this change is in the uniformity and consistency of experience.
Makes sense! I only asked because that particular shade of green is a little hard to read for me, but it's definitely still manageable!
If you're using 'normal' colors in the webclient, I recommend switching to the 'acid' / Dystopia is Pretty one. You can do it in the options before you connect or after you connect via:

@client-options colorSet acid

@client-options only works for the webclient.

Other users of standalone clients are recommended to bump up the brightness of the standard 'dark' green, purple and blue to ranges you can read. The standard ones seem to make the colors unusable and so whats the point of that?!

I'll double check my browser client color settings. Thanks!!
I'll double check my browser client color settings. Thanks!!
Okay, disclaimer. I hate that I have to give this feedback because I don't understand the need for this feature, nor do I think it's worth wasting resources of staff on, but if it's going to exist and be altered to possibly be worse than it was then I'll spend the time making suggestions.


Changes are currently taking place that will affect how easy/hard it is to get clean in the game.

Scrub harder, mixers.

Issue #1

Messaging. If my shower is unable to clean off wet blood of any surface or If it takes me multiple showers to get rid of simple musk, why does the messaging suggest the shower is peeling dirt off me without effort?

Issue #2 No matter how bad the water pressure is, I assume there is still pressure, and it's not just a few drops of water coming out of the shower head, but no matter what, I only ever get slightly damp after lots of showers.

Issue #3 Requiring multiple runs of commands to complete a task seems counter intuitive to reducing command spam. Much like the quality of life change to trash diving, which required you to sit/stand sit/stand and smell yourself consistently, which leads me to the next idea/point.

Issue #4 I know this isn't based on realism, and it's a game, so it shouldn't be, but for the sake of game mechanics, instead of playing with showers, water pressures, and messaging. Can we not have a wash in type command that lets us try to scrub something clean, and leave showers to do what they do? Provide water for dirty folks to sponge themselves clean if necessary.

I would suggest that if the stain is difficult to get out, it takes longer for the wash command to complete, rather than requiring players to keep entering commands to wash/check state/wash/check state, rather it'd be best if it was a process much like dismantling a weapon to clean it.

Issue #5 This kid has it better than my character.

Red's showers aren't Third-World Conditions, they're practically waterless.

A possible addition to the cybernetics price charts that would be helpful would be either a short description of the product as it is displayed on the touch screen if it is some cosmetic and on a naked fashion (like cybereyes, for example) or if it mentions what @naked it would replace.

I am loving all the new chrome but not knowing something replaced your whole face until its getting installed is a bit of a shock when there isn't a way to figure that out until you buy it. Same goes for some of the other newer chromes, as they could be minimal cyberwares or they could be full replacements because of their vague current descriptions.

If this is purposeful, game on, just a suggestion to add the base description or like an OOC note that says 'This replaces your @naked right eye' or something would be great, given that the price charts tell you great information on a lot of other things related to cyberware and nanos.

Also - there are a few items on those charts that don't have descriptions (be that purposefully given their lewdness or accidental) that I noticed as well.

Universally, wares give you fixed nakeds you can't change. The only purpose of the sinus ware IS to change your face, so the coder didn't think they needed to make it clearer.
Got it! Thanks. No issues from me then.
Summoning dogs or scolding the player when they sit and stand in the Park isn't good, because players don't know how long the cooldown is.

They might be perfectly happy to wait it out but have no awareness of the timer. This feature should just tell them how long they have to wait before continuing to sit and stand, instead of being weirdly passive-aggressive.

Shitberg update is best update.


@Rhicora Eventually, after people have gotten the message, because not everyone checks the boards, the multiple warnings will go away. However, I still see people trying to do this multiple times a day, so that warning is going to stay for a bit.
If you get the warning, 99% chance you are doing sit/stand way to fast and the warning is for you.

Sitting/standing in the park so the dogs don't bother you is a meta cheat, and it is being treated as such. The warning was the step before we just suspended people for doing it. I recognized that people were taught this by other players ICly. In the future, this type of thing should result in thinking like: 'this seems cheesy and meta and I should report it to the admin'.

(Edited by Slither at 8:17 am on 2/28/2021)

Shitbergs are a nice edition. Here are a few nice to haves in relation to the sewers and recent codes.

Sewer Messes:

Is anyone really going to clean up a mess in the sewers? I think these should automatically be covered in filth and disappear within an hour. Long enough for someone to determine where a murder happened if they're looking for it but not going to linger for months.


I would love for objects that get moved by waves in sewers to get caught in shitbergs and only revealed when someone breaks them up. One chummers shit is another chummers treasure.

Shitbergs also seem like a great ingredient for explosives and test tube samples.

Water levels:

I would love for water to be able to be filled up in a canteen for the sewers, impacting taste, and disease spread of anyone who consumes it.

I would also like to see flooding/drowning as result which seems like the natural next step here.

Rat Traps:

Can rats drown? Can a talented mixer build a functional rat trap out of shitbergs and then reclaim the corpses later to be make money in the park? If not, this should be a thing.