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[March 2019] Bug Fixes & Updates
Rolling thread of updates from March 2019


The code that handles wrapping stuff for thermos and in other places has been updated and improved. The code is a bit slower, but it processes data a lot better, is color aware, and looks pretty great. If you've got thermos and they've been acting weird the past week, you should now see them responding a lot better and breaking spaces between words more often than before.

Also the web client will better wrap colors across lines in thermo mode! Use the webclient.

-- S


colors *Last Updated: 03/02/19 by Fengshui*

client-colors *Last Updated: 03/02/19 by Fengshui*


This code did not work out. Wrapping is going to be wonky for folks with thermos and in a few other places until I can come up with a solution that doesn't crash the MOO :)


@options proom will no longer be used when you enter a location. This will now use your skin tone (if exposed). @options proom will continue to control how people appear in a room description when you look. You can set your skin tone with @skin me.


A previous fix for broken windows in apartments inadvertently overrode the ability to actually look out some windows. As part of fixing this, I've brought older apartment/cube window code up to standard with more modern window (we have 2 kinds) code when it comes to looking out them.

So if you haven't been able to look out your window for a while, give it a go again.


You can now view your pending puppet requests in addition to having the option to cancel them.


'speaking' has been updated to show the language in red so that you can more easily identify it when you use the command.


Added a fair amount of help redirects, mainly this was Mench putting together a bad ass spreadsheet and doing a lot of the work-- I added some of the ones he couldn't add due to them being on different help databases, but big props to him for really carrying this forward. We've reset all our missing help counters so we're starting fresh and gathering new info on what help files people are looking for that we don't have.


You will have noticed that we have lots more shrouded folks wandering around, and we added code today that will update their look place messages to a number of different ones.


THe memento tourist npcs you see on Red and Gold always had the same look place, the same code that supports shrouded npcs having different lookp places to reduce meta are also in use for these npcs, they will be changing their look place messaging now and then instead of just having their default.


Clothing can now be colored using our new color system, the existing colors that were already there are now matched to our actual color codes and Johnny added pink and a few others.


New helpfile for skintone has been created.


A new reminder that you haven't set your skintone is in the $reminder_utils so anyone without a skintone will be reminded to set one.


I've added a reminder that we have help files which will be shown twice within the first hour or two a new player is connected.

The shrouded NPCs and messages are very, very awesome.

There was an issue with thermos and telescopic vision where when you used both together you'd see some thermo stuff but also some regular stuff. I've fixed this. In order to do this without refactoring some core stuff, I added in the full room 'look_self' instead of the abbreviated version you were seeing, so you'll see the full room description along with other stuff if you are using telescopic vision (or binoculars) in any mode.


Skip the @shortdesc change menu if you know the term you want to switch to and its a valid option. Just type @shortdesc . This should be much more macro friendly.


You can now use the 'expose' command for two purposes:

1. Break your disguise. You can do this using 'expose face' or 'expose myself'. This will make it easy to change your hairstyle or use makeup without being 'disguised' if you want. Or to reveal your identity without removing the disguise item.

2. Quickly show an @naked off without having to undress. This is done using 'expose PART/S'. 'PART/S' are typically @naked names like 'left foot' or 'head'. But it can also be things like 'hands' or 'feet' or 'legs'. When exposing something under your clothing, this is essentially your character moving the clothing aside long enough for others to see. Using expose this way does not break your disguise.

Awesome work. Really useful functionality that'll be felt throughout everyday gameplay.
Excellent work guys! Thank you.
You guys are just -awesome-!
I love this!

Two notes:

1.) Doesn't seem like 'expose bodypart' is currently parsing %p and (I assume) other substitutions.

2.) When you 'expose bodypart', you don't see what you flash -- not a huge issue, but it can be nice to know what desc part exactly people see.

>>Wear hoodie

>>Walk into bar

>>Expose crotch

>>Order drink

I was just thinking about how to expose my disguised self last night. Woooh! Awesome add.
I noticed that the MOO does not have a help file for 'expose'.

Is there any sort of process in place to make sure that new commands get help files?

A help file has been written for expose and is waiting to be reviewed and approved by another staff member. :-)

Help files have been added for the two most recent additions. I've also empowered Mobius to add helpfiles without needing anyones approval, because it's important we keep these up to date.


The help file has been updated to make it much more clear when and how to get permission to display art. Please read it over!