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You no longer have to request via notes


As we discussed in the Ideas section, and at the last Town Hall meeting, we now have a Puppet Queue! It works like this: @request-puppet

This command is for those of you who have attempted to contact (through various means) an NPC. You no longer need to leave a note about trying to contact the npc. Instead, you should use this command.

You enter the information that the prompts request and you go on with your life. On the admin side we are told about your request and then routinely reminded.

Requests will expire after 2 weeks. You can resubmit them if you need to. You are capped at 2 requests at a time. You'll need to prioritize.

This is not a replacement for leaving notes. The puppet requests are deleted when completed. You just no longer need to create a note for requesting admin puppet a certain NPC for you.

'help @request-puppet' for more information!

Please offer feedback, as we want to make this new process as great as possible.


-- S

This is amazing, I'm happy to see how it came together.
Awesome! This should both help make the process more clear for players, and hopefully make it much more organized and easy to handle on your side!
This feels like one of those features that you didn't even know you needed, but now that it's here, it's great. A+
Just as a matter of clarification, does this mean admin will no longer be responding to attempts to get a puppet by speaking directly to an NPC, or that we should use this feature when that method fails, or something else?
Nevermind. That's in the help file. I can read I promise.
I don't think I understand how this fit's into the flow. Up until now, as I understood it, it goes like this:

1. Talk to NPC using directed speech (include details)

2. Repeat request every 15 minutes as long as you have the time/patience.

3. If no response tell the NPC goodbye and leave an @note describing what happened..

4. Go on and do other things. If you said you'd be back, come back later. If not, wait for the NPC to contact you using the means you provided them.

Do I now put the puppet request between step 3 and 4 or between steps 1 and 2? The helpfile makes me thing 3 and 4 but that makes it sound like this tool is solely for the purpose of the NPCs getting back to you - is that correct?

cnodell, it's all the same steps but instead of adding a @note to document your attempt to interact with a NPC, use the new @request-puppet system.
So, if I try to talk to an NPC and don't manage to get through but still want to get in touch, use @request-puppet and don't worry about an @note. Otherwise, continue like usual. Sound right?
Exactly. The steps are all the same, you just replace using @note with using @request-puppet. If you manage a successful interaction then you don't need @request-puppet. You use it only when the NPC was too busy, not to request a puppet before you actually try to interact with it.
Thanks for clarifying villa!
There is something I would like to add. Please, when using this system to make requests, give the NPC your contact information and also add what information you gave in the request. We can't assume an NPC should contact a character via SIC if that character never told the NPC their SIC info.

"Hey, mano. Looks like you're busy so, when you get time, I'm Smooth on SIC spelled S-m-o-o-t-h or my progia is 333-3333."

And then, in the request you would write that you gave the SIC alias Smooth and progia number 333-3333 as contact points.

I've used it once so far and it went smoothly. Great feature!
I hate asking for puppets because I don't like to feel like I'm trying to dominate staff time, but this process makes it feel a lot more like something that isn't such an extraordinary demand. I tried it and shortly thereafter got my puppet, who knew what I needed right away. Hooray!
Can this command be used after trying to reach out to an NPC over public SIC?

Absolutely! Just be prepared to meet them in person, have a phone, or your SIC bill paid :P

Vera, asking for puppets is definitely part of the game. I'm glad the system worked for you but, don't feel like you are wasting staff time with requests. We've had time wasters before and have made them aware they are doing it, you'd know.
Hey All -

We've got a new tutorial up on the puppet queue / @request-puppet functionality. I know there were lots of questions so hopefully I've addressed them all!

-- S

I've gotten positive admin facing feedback on this feature.

What about you folks? Any feedback? Suggestions? Issues?

-- S

@request-puppet is fucking amazing, Slither. Easy to fill out, and the possibility to cancel a request if it's no longer relevant/needed without having to add a note is excellent.
You should update the NPC helpfile.
@rules regarding NPCs as well.
I have updated several helpfiles and the @rules 4.E item about puppets.
Tried this for the first time this week, and it was great. Everything was simple to use and went smoothly. Much thanks to staff for it.

Please thank you GMs!

I just wanted to remind people, when raising a puppet request you need to include things like, how you told them to contact you, was it via SIC or via the Grid and most importantly, what that alias was.

Please note this extract directly from the command when you are raising a request:


We cannot act without this.

If you have a request that does not list this information, I would recommend withdrawing it and re-submitting it.

Suggestion: break up the command so it asks for the description and the contact info in separate steps. Apparently people not putting that info down is a big problem and that would make it real hard to ignore.
Hello all, a few suggestions to help things run smoother for everyone:

1. If you give your SIC alias as 'Person1' to an NPC, and change your alias to 'Person2' while you're waiting for your puppet, it's going to make things harder for everyone. Please don't do this.

2. In your puppet request, do not put 'I gave my alias, phone number, and gridmail to this NPC'. There is no way for us to know what that information actually was.

DO put 'I gave my alias 'Person1', phone number '381-1111', and gridmail 'Person1' to this NPC'.

3. DO NOT use puppet requests to try to get our attention for gridmails you've sent to NPC's.

Thanks everyone!

If you have to change aliases, do your due diligence and remove your puppet request, recontact the npc and update them as to the new alias. Or get a gridphone.
And then resubmit your puppet request.