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Bug Reporting
Gojira! Gojira! Gojira!

I've recently been doing a ton of work to migrate our in-moo bug system to an external Jira ticketing system. We have over 4500 bugs in the system going back almost 13 years and this is a lot of information. It used to be a lot of useless information because we really couldn't work with numbers of bugs at a time. The new system solves these problems and opens up a wealth of new tools for us.

The existing @bug command will continue to work much it used to work. Please continue to file bugs this way, especially bugs caused by a traceback, as this method provides staff members extended information about the objects that were present when you encountered the traceback.

In addition to @bug, you can also file bug and other reports directly via our new bug system:

The old @bugs command is now inactive. You can view the private bugs you file only at

You can view recently resolved public tickets here:

And the public tickets that are still outstanding here:

We still need you to provide a high level of detail in your bug reports, many are hard to deduce what you meant and these either get passed over or they take a long time to get fixed, both of which aren't great. We also can't do anything when you file one bug that refers to another. We do not process bugs in the order they arrive, but in a prioritized order, so making a reference like 'addition to the last bug ...' means nothing to us. Please treat each bug report as a unique event UNLESS you literally include the bug key (MOO-1234) in your description for the bug you're referring to.

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