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Cultural Quarters
Adding cultural to the 4 corners of the Mix

*IMPORTANT* All changes detailed below are RETROACTIVE. In other words, these areas have always been this way, your character is just noticing certain things now.

Each cultural quarter features ethnic food and bits of lore that tie world politics to the cultures they effected.

The Gulag -

Home of the Anti-Genetek Orthodox Christian Russian & Eastern European track suit wearing Mixers.

Little Kyoto -

Home of Japanese and Korean mixers obsessed with Neon, samurai and their Emperor back home.

Chinatown -

Home of the Pacific Islander, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cultures in the Mix. They remember HIV II and the 'beam'

San Mayo -

Home of the Central and South American Latin Trade Conglomerate (LTC) refugees. They love Deathball, mostly Chen Mayo.

All 4 quarters are now finished and in game completely Phase 1 of this project. Details on Phase 2 will be posted here at a later time.

Why are Japan and Korea together? They historically hate eachother.
So do argies and brazilians and yet :P
Probably because they have similar cultural things. Korea and Japan now follow alot of the same trends. Kpop and Jpop are competing, yet equal, markets, fashion from both influence each other, etc
Just my two cents.

But I would think in such a divided culture like Withmore, where it's not only poverty and rich, it's also other issues that cause people to hate one another. Plus in a lawless place like Red, I think it only makes sense that people of similar ethnicity would gravitate towards one another.

I may be totally wrong, but that's the way I take it, groups becoming more of a BROAD scope, Asians, Europeans etc.

High society culture, plz.
This thread isn't to discuss people's lack of historical knowledge on the relationship between Korea and Japan. The fact is Japan has a history of kicking Koreas ass and occupying it. Japanese architecture and culture has a VERY strong hold even today on Modern Korea. So, there you have it. Plus it's 2102, I decide who shares what districts :P
We've said it before. Topside is NOT getting cultural districts. The culture is money. The most I am doing is improving menus at the restaurants to be less dominated by sushi and adding in some new hot spots that feature a broader selection of food.
High society has corp culture, Napoleon. Cerb mentioned that at the Town Hall. They don't get districts.
Also, if you haven't noticed, even today, Japanese stores and Korean stores are mixed in the district/area known as 'Chinatown' in different large cities.

e.g Chinatown in New York....

Phase 2 -

The Gangs

The Sinners and Arteries occupy turf that is heavily within the borders of all the cultural zones.

We'll be updating the short_descs,height/weight, eye color, hair style, and ethnicity of these gangs while also giving them a more ethnic lean toward Japanese/Korean and Latin for the Sinners and Russian/Asian/Islander for the Arteries.We'll of course keep some others in there, we just want the locations visibly represented in the people that you can interact there.

The Languages

we're going to be giving more and more NPCs languages that fit the cultural quarter they occupy, or their ethnicity period. This'll give PCs more reason to invest time/UE into learning new languages. NPCs may or may not appreciate people that speak their native tongues more than those that do not.


We'll also be adding a few new NPCs in each quarter that has information in their notes about the lore of the cultural quarter they occupy, these NPCs when possible, when be used to impart background information on their cultures lore, and of course other things.

The ETA for this is not established. I will likely work on it here and there when I am bored of working on other things or when I get motivated by something I see or hear.

Great job on this! I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing on it.
I like the idea of this a whole lot, might lead to a bit more dynamic roleplay between people roleplaying in Red. Though I agree that culture topside should be centered around wealth, I do think there should be a lot more choice in the cultures that are shown there too. Topside seems very Japanese and could do with a bit more diversity.
Can you name at least one cyberpunk source of inspiration where skycrapers and downtown centers of wealth and affluence are ridden with cultural references...? There's no topside diversity at all beyond you have a 3,000c chyen suit and I have a 100,000c chyen suit. It's all about the expensive shit and modern architecture.

As for languages, I like how you will make them more 'useful' and give more reasons to invest UE points in a language. I can already see how it will be useful. Speaking your way out of a fight with an Euro-speaking Artery...

Nice work to the staffers/players working on expanding the CP feel. On a side note, just because Korean and Japanese are in the same area doesn't necessarily mean they get along, they are just forced to dwell in the same quarter to be as close to like minded slummers. It's a speculative view, but it works! Same with our latin brothers and sisters.

I hope I'm not overstepping, just thought I'd share.

I don't know why people keep hammering on the topside cultural thing. We have corporations that are bigger and more important than nations.

If anything were to ever change about topside, I'd say that it'd be nice if Gold felt a little grittier and more downtown-y. Big cities have alleyways and rooftops and blinding neon and weird little shops. Looking forward to phase 2, though.

You'll feel the cultural influence from corporations topside. :)
I agree with Vera, Gold should have more grit and class...kind of like a liaison with topside and mix.
Just because you don't know where the alleys and rooftops of note are...doesn't mean they don't exist.
I just wanted to throw my thoughts in quickly.

Corpies idolize money. Money is everything for them. It's the difference between the cheap suit or the executive suit. It's the difference between a basic apartment or a furnished one, a house, a penthouse etc. Having the latest and best technology and flaunting it, that speaks wealth for itself. Corpies revolve around getting more money and doing whatever they can to get it and climb the corporate ladder.

Going to the Mix is illegal for any 'corporate' employee, if you want to experience the real cultural quarters, risk it and come down here. There is skills and means in place to do so. Things need to be unique and this is one of them.

If Corpies have no need to come to the Mix even if just to slum it and experience it from time to time then there will be less roleplay where corpies are hiring Mixers in general, ie. A guard.

There is already a problem with some corpies hoarding their money and doing everything themselves, this would just create a bigger divide IMHO.

Just wanna say that the cultural corners have added a ton of flavor (and even utility) in my opinion. As a newer player, these "corners" of town were always a bit fuzzy in my head because they weren't as inherently interesting as the center streets. Now when I'm out and about I have fun exploring them, and it's a lot easier to tell where I am at a glance. Also they're cool!

Props to your team for adding more detail to what is already an incredibly detailed game! It makes playing really fun and rewarding.