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Enhanced Vision Updates
It's not just for cyberware anymore

Hey Everyone!

I've been working on a project for about three months now. It has to do with character vision. It all started when I made some heavy updates to the admin inventory view (we can run a command to see your inventory). I wanted to show more detailed information. Like the progia number of a phone, or the rounds left in a clip. This makes admins lives easier as they have to type/remember less commands. This allows them to GM better and faster and harder and stronger.

It kind of spiraled and I wrote a bunch of new code to support the admin view. Then Johnny or Cerberus said it would make a really cool improvement to the existing Image Enhancement cyberware.

For those of you that don't know, this cyberware gives you access to additional information when you look at people, rooms, and objects. Like their weight, and if they are armored. There was not a -ton- of extra info and it was always something we had planned on improving. Johnny had laid a lot of the groundwork for this, in terms of integrating this info into rooms, and when you look at an item, and inside containers and at yourself or others.

I started out overhauling your inventories to allow this cyberware to show you details about the items you have on you (the same details you would see if the items were in a room). This was something that was missing.

This was a difficult process, because, while many of you may not notice it, when you type 'i' or 'inv' the code running is completely different than the code that ran before. I had to take care to make it so nothing visually changed for people who shouldn't see any difference in their inventories. This is difficult because everyone can set their own line length and that means columnizing things is hard.




I have created a new cyberware: Image Enhancement Mark II, which adds even more additional info (it's now on sale, it's more expensive then the mark I). You get access to a ton of useful information about the items on you, or around you, or on other people.

Here is a sample of some of the things you can see with the Mark II vision enhancements, to whet your appetite for this new code:

"nth" => this shows you if the item is the first/second/third (same as count)

"size"=> typical height/weight

"opened" => if the item can be opened, is the item open?

"modded" => is this modded (think guns)

"immobile" => can you move this thing?

"uses" => how many uses remain?

"rounds" => how much ammo remains

"ammo", => same as above, some things use rounds, some use ammo

"number" => phone number

"fluid" => things like lighters

"powered" => if the device requires power, is it powered?

"chyen" => if it holds chyen and it's open, how much chy u got

"thermo on" => if it's thermographic, is it on?

"radio on" => if it has a radio is it on?

"portions" => how many portions remain (food)

"cleaning supplies" => if this thing has supplies, how many?

"nutritional value" => how good does that food look for you?

"opened" "locked" "unlocked" => different states for things

"armor value" => how much armor this got (approximations like heavy/light/very heavy

"contents count" => count of items inside something like a briefcase (if it's open)

This doesn't apply just to your inventory. It applies to things in rooms, and when you look at other people. This could be a game changer for evaluating enemies and potential marks, or just ascertaining quickly, what the situation in a room is.




The existing cyberware Image Enhancement Mark I will show you inventory items now. It is also better integrated with other systems in the game.




Some drugs will now also effect your view of things now. Try tripping on something trippy

(and strong) and you'll see what I mean. It also serves as an IC indication that your character is in an altered mental state. I think you'll enjoy it.




Closets will now format more like inventory, when something is too long to be columnized, it'll be tacked on to the end instead of getting cut off and screwing up the colors.




This new code involves various new systems, and a consolidation, in one place, of our vision code. It refines how we present information, and lets us hook in at different places based on your characters 'state'. We can now control not only what you see, but how you see it, with much finer control than before. This opens up the door for future things like...

1. Getting SUPER drunk and checking your inventory and seeing like half your shit isn't there (even though it is), because you're plastered and can't find you stuff.

2. Tweaking how you see things on other drugs... which will give more IC indicators of what your character is seeing.

3. Being super drunk and everyone you see is SUPER attractive (beer goggles).

4. High-Res security cameras that show things in high detail (basically like having the enhanced vision cyber but only when you look at a camera feed from a high res camera)

5. Drugs that reveal additional info for a short time (like image enhancement lens but only while on the drugs)

6. Forensics integration. I don't know exactly where we'd go with this, but perhaps with high enough forensics skills, we could open up certain infos to characters in general. Like size/weight/medical info. This could also apply to other skills if we wanted it. This is only an idea right now, don't expect anything like this soon.

7. ?????? Feel free to make suggestions.




There could be bugs. There probably will be. I've extensively tested this code, and some players have helped too, but I can't check every person or every room. So if you find a bug, xhelp and let me know (and also @Bug it of course).




I'm also interested in your ideas, suggestions for improvements, and feedback. Please use this thread to offer these things! Feedback is realllllly important.

Does the "chyen" attribute apply to players too? I.e. can you get an approximate of how much chyen is a person carrying using this chrome? This is literally what this specific piece needed. I've always had the impression from IC interactions that the most useless piece of chrome was enhanced lenses :)
It won't let you see how much chyen someone has on them. It's too easy to say you have really large bills, as opposed to single chyen notes, and I don't wanna get meta about it. If there is an open briefcase or container you'll be able to see how much is in it.

And from looking at someone you'll be able to see if their clothing is armored, and how well armored.

At some point I might create some kind of gauge for the 'quality' of clothing, so you could see like [56kg, 100cm, well tailored] to decide if you should rob a baka ;) Or to gauge how spiffy your corp friends are. T

Could make it so it can show, through clothing only, the wounds people suffer that worn clothing objects cover.
I would like it that when "tripping balls" players experience other things such as...

Your top-5 most emoted chummers with appearing in the same room as you...or there severed bodyparts appearing in your inventory and other containers. Also, such known past times as Huge Freaking Bats, Pink Elephants, and the occasional object that appears in-game just to fuck with you.

I think it would be cool if the drugs and what you saw related to the withdrawls you get. Ex. You see butterflies on occasion with Lana. So when on Lana you see vibrant butterflies show up around the world, then in the withdrawls the butterfly makes more sense?
I've added an update to this so that enhanced vision code (drugs, cyberware) now show you info about things held in peoples hands if you look directly at them. So if someone is holding a progia and you 'look progia in Seven' you'll see infos about that progia, including the number. (See other thread about numbers no longer being shown unless you are holding the phone-- or have the enhanced vision module).
What about looking at a person with enhanced vision to tell you if they have cyberware?
What kind of cyberware we talking? I feel like some of it is already visible (skillsoft chipset, the armor one that makes your skin ugly, cyber eyes).

I don't want to invalidate the other tools in the game, like cybernetics scanners for instance. So it's a careful line it would need to walk.

Guess I should have ellaborated, You can cover up the visible stuff with clothing. Would it be viable to detect it with the eyes? Also I don’t think that would invalidate a deeper scan such as the cyberware detection tool anymore than thermal eyes with goggles or tru sight with it’s goggle equivalent. I think even with the cyberware available if you want tru sights but don’t want the PDS load in favor of something else, then the goggles still have relevant existence. Same concept here with the cyberware scanner, imo.
Loving the drug effects, Slither!
What about being able to see if someone's hiding armor or weapons under layers of clothing?
I think that has merit too, waddle, and would be pretty handy part of a mugger/ tacticians chrome load
@waddlerafter I think this just breaks the purpose of ponchos and would be super OP. Like the only reason I wear a cloak over my set of Xo5 is to not get my set of Xo5 mugged. Just like you wear mirrorshades to not get your cyber eye ripped. And so on.
Great work slith!
Fixed a couple issues around looking at items on people that they aren't holding, causing tracebacks. Not specifically related to enhanced vision, but probably surfaced by the changes I made there.
After reading the installed description in help cyberware, would it be a stretch to give the user a slight bonus to perception when it is activated? That alone would make even the mk1 more desirable and even make a bit of sense unless I interpreted it wrong.
Considering there are no nano's for perception. Smaller bonuses from cyberware which enhances senses would be very welcome.
Enhanced vision now works on things sitting on bars.
A few ideas that could make this a potential must have for people, all being things that you could otherwise see if you looked at them directly, but aren't currently shown passively with the chrome and a at least one thing you can't see, at least not without specialized equipment.

--Being able to identify the driver of a motorcycle while it drives past (obviously you would just see the hoodie or whatever if they're disguised)

--Being able to see license plates of vehicles as they head past (It would be cool if this and the last idea combined with your natural perception to test if you see it vs. how fast they are travelling, and give people more reasons to up their driving ability!)

--Being able to see the data on the weapons someone has, if they are holstered, but obvious on the body. So if someone is wearing a shoulder holster and the gun is visible in the description, being able to see the data you can otherwise see on a gun, on them.

--Let people see that status of doors and exits at a glance. Something like [Retinal Scan, Locked], [Keypad, unlocked], [blocked by manhole cover]. You can already see these things naturally, but you have to manually look.

--Ability to see medical details about the person you're looking at. I think covered wounds should still be hidden, but maybe a message about how severe the injury is. (Maybe being more specifically tied to skills as well)

Another idea!

If objects that are seen on a displaying object could be read correctly, that would be cool.

For example

A SHI e-note 5 is scattered on top of the lucite coffee table! [IC Statistics go here, and multiple things are separated by commas]

So it shows the status of the coffee table here (the object doing the displaying) but the e-note does not get shown.

It would also be cool, if not this happening for whatever reason, if you looked at the object if it would work at least, such as with 'look e-note on table'. Right now you see the e-note, but not the status.

Buuuut I can see where that might not work right. It does share similar properties with looking at an object in a photo.

Two suggestions for Image Enhancement II:

More details when you look at one. (mostly just whether they're locked or unlocked)

Being able to know when someone is holding back.

More details when you look at vehicles.* Blegh.
What kind of details are you interested in seeing when looking at a vehicle?

Stationary? What number it is if there are other vehicles of the same type parked nearby. (1st, 2nd, etc.) If it's unlocked or not and fuel level. I'm thinking a much more condensed, but not as informative version of the evaluate command.

As for if one zips by, license plate, speed and colour would be nice.

peer at in , possibly with the usual messaging for looking through someone's windshield like a baka
oh wow angle brackets ate my post.

*peer at (person or item) in (vehicle)

Nevermind the bit about the evaluate command. Meant to delete it after realizing that anyone can see that a vehicle is damaged by just looking at it.
Not sure if its intended or not - but it'd be nice to be able to see chyen in a container that someone is holding. You can see it if its in a cabinet or on the floor currently.