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Limiting Skill/Stat Raises Per Day
no more instant badasses

In an effort to curtail dumping a bunch of UE into any single skill or stat to become instantly a badass at something, we have put a new restriction on how much you can raise any given stat or skill by in a 24 hour period. We'll keep a log of what you've raised over the last 24 hours and prevent you from raising anything too much too fast.

Now, we've thought about this from two ways: we want to support a feeling of progression and we want to support a feeling of effort. If you save your UE for IC training sessions with an expert, perhaps you'd see better gain in that single day then you would all week without that training session, so we're still trying to support that to a fair degree. You won't be able to go from terrible to ordinary in a single session though.

To be clear, you should still be able to save up enough for single adjective changes. We wanted to preserve the possibility of this sort of 'sense of progress'.
This is interesting.

On the one hand I can understand someone dumping UE into something being problematic in terms of creating instant badasses and I can see why you want to curtail that.

On the other I am terribly disorganised and have developed the habit of only assigning ue once a week to both help me; A) keep track of my progression and B) avoid the temptation to spam @stats as I used to back before I started being more disciplined with myself. As it happens at the moment I've been saving up UE to place in a particular stat in anticipation of a major life event for the character.

How can I expect this to affect me in consideration to those habits and that particular plan?

What if you're just dumping 3 UE points into one skill a day? Is that a no no, or what?
Beebboop, I think this is aimed at people who may have pooled like 200 UE, and are suddenly deciding to drop all 200 of it into driving on a whim, having found out they need to use a car that night. I'm not Johnny but I'd be surprised if 3 ue in a skill was affected by this.
What if you were max ue and make a new character and get your 6% carried over?

6% carried over? Does that apply to reaped characters?
Probably not. Never been reaped. Any reapists or reapees can probably answer for sure but I think it’s just when you sunset/perm.
It does not. It's only when you perm out or sunset.
If you have enough UE with the 6% carry over, you'll be able to apply the limit each day and over those days, your character will rapidly improve. This is basically a limit on how fast you can naturally improve, which isn't bad to apply to that 6% too.

For those of you who apply your experience once a week, you might have to adjust to twice a week. Daily experience appliers won't have a problem.

As far as I see it, as long as the rate at which you can spend is always higher than the rate you can earn, it's no big deal. I think a reasonable limit on the rate of progression is a good thing. :)
You can still spend them on different stats/skills, right? Like 20 UE in one skill and 20 UE in another?

Also, is it number of UE spent? or number of points raised?

Spending UE is the most nightmarishly stressful part of Sindome for me and I try to do it as infrequently as possible, without upsetting anyone. If I have to do it more often, fine. I wish it were possible just to have it automatically spend based on recent activities. I'm getting better at spending, but even checking @stats is stress-inducing.

Is there any way to check if you've recently eaten something nutritious without checking @stats?

I balked at first, but having the limit be one adjective change seems to be a fair balance. I might say go as far as limit it to 21 UE/day, just to cover those weekly UE spenders if they received the max UE in a week.
I'm sorry for the tone in my previous post. I may have come off more frustrated than I am. All I mean to say is that the few moments in Sindome that break immersion for me are my least favorite. @assign and @stats are some of the worst culprits.

I'm happiest when I don't see Sindome as a game, but as an experience.

Makes sense to me! Even if a new player wants to hold out on UE spending until they figure out what they want to do, they still will be able to unload it in a reasonable amount of time, and in more sane progression.
For people who qualify, and get, a respec, will they be allowed to dump their UE or are they going to get X UE back and have to spend at their daily allotment until they are finished?

In other words would I get 100 back and then spend at most 20 a day for the next five days or can I spend all 100 of it when i am in respec mode?

Respec is not affected by this.