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Stat & Skill Adjectives Changed
In the future, everything will change.

We've updated almost every adjective you see for your stat and skill ratings. We hope these new adjectives will provide you with a better understanding of your character's progress. Some key points:

- Ordinary is now Questionable. You don't start out as an ordinary person from 2020. You start out as a ragged, unwary, weak, repulsive, dumb, slow, and tragic immigrant from 2105.

- It's going to take you a few adjectives past Questionable before you start climbing out of poverty. But don't worry -- everyone else will too. Even though you're a naive plebian, you're still better off than that perplexed urchin.

- Now that you know how much you actually suck, stop focusing on stats and start RPing!

- We're also communicating to you in @assign when you spend UE on stats or skills and it causes you to achieve the next adjective. We hope you like the new detail when this happens.

Thanks go to Hale for this change. They researched the new adjective set over the past few weeks and did all the heavy lifting on this change. Thank you Hale!

The changes make the progression alphabetical with A being the best. Please keep this in mind as a general gauge of where your character is.

(Edited by Slither at 5:26 am on 1/11/2020)

Thanks Hale for a scary, but good change.
I am suddenly confused by all the big words.

sindome essentials, highly recommend this.

actually though, interesting update

Every time you raise to the next adjective, you'll get a handy definition to go along with it.
One of the adjectives for a stat is 'Pretentious'. It does not fit the stat it is assigned to.

"Being unaware of one's unimportance" is the justification for that adjective. You think you know what's going on, but any tangible observations you make are really just you being pretentious.

Better suggestions are always welcome.


It's really difficult (if not impossible) to make a suggestion that fits the pattern with incomplete information, so while I would love to suggest an alternative, I really can't with any potency. Suffice to say, I am personally unsatisfied with that particular adjective, but that should not in any way lessen the impact of this change and the great work you did on it!

I think I'm just gonna share my oocly shouted reaction to logging in...

"Oh hmm... OH DAYUM!"


Levels a stat to a threshold...


Really liking it thus far.

Not sure if I'm allowed to ask this, or if you can answer, but here goes. Is this change only to the adjective, or to anything mechanical behind the scenes? Like, did I somehow get worse at something now that the adjective reflects that?
After I found out about this change, I felt myself going through the five stages of grief in quick succession. Will take a bit to get used to but overall I think this is a positive improvement. Excellent work and all that Hale!
When you attain the next adjective of a stat or skill, its going to give you our definition for it. We've stretched usage in some places, brought back a few archaic words and even invented at least one word.

Thank you, Spark!

Jsmith, there have been no mechanical changes. The only difference is the new adjectives.

The adjectives feel more confusing than before. I'd be curious to see the full list (if it can be released) so people have a more complete set of information; it might help us give better feedback on the feature.
jsmith, the old adjectives did not accurately reflect how much everyone sucked at things. People often felt @stats told them they were better than the reality on the streets.
The key to remember is that its alphabetical now. A is the best.
Is there a way to call definitions without levelling them up?
I've been noodling about that in the past 5 minutes, hehe.
Use @stats --defined to see the definitions of your current stat and skill adjectives. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Thank you for the quick response there!
Seems the @stats --defined doesn't account for chrome and other boosts? Unsure if that is intended!
Oops! Thanks for catching that. Fixed now?
Shows what matches with my @stats now! Thank you!
This is a fantastic change.

I really appreciate @stats --defined.

The levels for Charisma are exceptionally relevant for my character's development. Based on the old levels, my perception was that they were more charismatic than they really are.

The skill definitions are -so- helpful. Also really love that the stats reflect my weaknesses so much better. I think this will make RPing our stats a lot easier.

Thank you!

Plebeian and Hotshot adjectives made me giggle.
I'm a B!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!
The stats threw me off like crazy at first..

But omg Iove the details!! Thanks so much, they're super helpful!!

Don't share your stat levels or letters.

This change sets us up for a lot of cool stuff down the line.

One of the biggest changes is having a general idea of where you are progress wise. You no longer need to be an oldie who has gone through this before to know roughly where you stand. It removes that unintentional bias from the system.


Johnny updated help files yesterday but I've done another pass on these to capture all the relevant info for folks who miss this thread or start playing in the future.

Wow, what a change. Huge shout-out to the staff for all the hard work on researching this, implementing it, and communicating what is a very jarring and drastic change to the playerbase. I have only positive things to say about this change and how it works.

I will say that I personally preferred the mystery and mystique of the old system as a newer player (6 months in) but I balance that thought by recognizing all the feedback that has been provided about wanting to have a better idea of where you stand, and the good points raised by some of the older players that they already knew this stuff based on UE expenditure amounts.

Overall, this feels great, but it does feel like i'm now seeing something that I shouldn't really be seeing for some reason.

This is brilliant! Well other than realizing how bad my character is.

But... that's what I wanted to know, because how can you RP how good you are at something if you have... no clue how good you are at something. Might as well assume you're just Aces :)

To me this really seems to help and gives me an idea on what I now need to spend UE on. Thank you so much!

This change is flat out amazing. I think removing the olbie bias in understanding the stats not only makes things more accessible, it also dramatically improves our ability to RP our characters.
Has there also been a change discussed to have shortdesc adjectives for CHA mirror the new adjectives?
Amazing change, coming from an oldbie. This gives even new players a fair understanding where they sit in the big picture.
I agree with the above points. Thank you, staff! Now I don't have to assume I'm an expert and roleplay being one, then get OOCly frustrated because I fail codedly even though the adjectives make it seem like I should be awesome.
DizzyAtraxa, are you asking for that?

Keep in mind that APR is only one substat of CHA so even if anyone thought that putting any stat value directly into the visible game, it still wouldn't match the aggregate CHA value.

Has anyone become confused with the shortdesc values? This change was aimed at a problem with OOC words, not IC ones.

The substats confuse me. I just take them into the stat as a whole. Are they supposed to randomly pick a substat every time you raise a stat, or are all substats raised?
So.. the shortdesc change due to CHA is related to APR only? And you have no way of knowing what your APR is?


I am, bean_dip! If it's not been implemented, consider it a request for such.
DizzyAtraxa, the Charisma adjectives were purposefully separated from the Appearance shortdesc adjectives in order to not confuse people about the difference between Charisma, Appearance, and Charm.