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Admin 'thinks'
Don't get their meaning twisted

Admin can force a 'think' message on a character. We use this to point things out, or for other RP reasons.

Do not read the wrong thing from a think message. We might point you toward a situation or try to bring your attention to something you might have missed in the scroll or otherwise not heard or seen, but that is not a warranty for good times.

You might very well be being led to your death. We cannot control what players do. If we think at you that you 'might have heard someone knocking' because you're a room away from the door to your permapad and wouldn't have heard it because of code reasons, that doesn't mean it's safe to open the door and let whoever is knocking in. This is a cyberpunk game, and if you aren't treating every encounter as if it is both unsafe and your last, you probably live on Blue.

Please keep these things in mind because I want to avoid situations where someone says 'but an admin think led me there and then i died, unfair'.


-- S

It does -probably- mean, though, that you're being nudged in a direction that is interesting, though, I'd imagine!

If it were me, I would appreciate the Admin attention. I want an admin to "think" me!


it's kinda spooky when It happens. I remember being 'nudged' to find something I had missed and then having like the worst/ best time trying to RP my way out of the horrible situation they had dropped on my head. It was awesome

I was thought once, basically admin telling me (immy at a time) that I was being an idiot and broadcasting myself in front of a camera for everyone to see, when I had no idea where I was or who could see me.

It did make me recoil a bit and go "Who the fuck is watching me?"

You all live in a panopticon.

I love it already. And I totally admire the interaction the Admin have, if I haven't already said it. It kinda something I've rarely seen in the 15+ RP Muds I've ever played in my existence...

Also, no idea why anyone wouldn't answer the door with a load pistol/revolver...

Witnessed first hand this today.

A m a z i n g. <3 Helped me out and gave me a good long chuckle.