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Be Careful of Object Names
Names don't mean much...

The names of objects in general are not IC information. They can be used as identifiers to some extent but in reality they aren’t much use to your IC character. And using information provided by an object’s name ICly is often a no-no.

For example. You are KOed and wake up in an apartment with a locked door. There are no windows. You have never been in this room before. You have SIC though and see the room’s name is ‘Joe’s Apartments - 131’. If you went on SIC and told people that you were in Joe’s Apartments, unit 131, you were just meta.

Say a random stranger gives you a photo of your enemy via dead drop. Just tells you that the photo was taken of the baka in his home. You look at it and see your nemesis in a cozy living room. But you have never seen that room before. But the title of the photo contains “Radford Apartments - 23’. If your character suddenly knows which complex and unit their nemesis lives in, you just committed a meta.

Same with the names of artwork. Or the names of whatever. In general you can see names as very, very vague description. For example, one ‘holden’ will look much like all other ‘holden’s. But even that is iffy.

Say you once lived in ‘Budget Cubes - 17’. Later you see a picture with ‘Budget Cubes - 17’ in the name. But when you LOOK at the photo the room looks completely different than it did when you lived there. Massive redecoration. Could have been what it looked like before you lived there or be what it was changed to after you left. Either way, you probably won’t recognize it as Budget Cubes flat 17.

I hope this helps!

+1, recommend to amend to the townhall discussion!
Wow, thanks for the insight Mobius!
Didn't know we still faced problems like these!
This has been an issue for as a long as I can remember. You kidnap someone and as soon as they come to the whole gig is blown.
This is fantastic and thank you for posting this! This is what I thought would be considered meta and I think it can be easy to meta by accident, just from your examples alone.
Maybe we need to prompt for a name when. A photo is taken. That way the info is IC?
I like the idea. Seems to solve the problem perfectly, as well as being good for rp. Prepare to see a bunch of random photos titled 'dickface' lying on the street.
Thank you for this post.

As a new player, I have wondered about the situation with kidnapped characters 'knowing' which apartment they are in based on the room name.