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Character Arts Thread IV
a new era

im starting another because the last has 226 replies already

credit to PandaPow, one of the best yet

Wow, PandaPow is someone I have in my Favorites on A&C, but I wasn't sure they'd create characters less anime-style. This is proof against that.

I'm gonna repost my sexy commission because it was like the last one on Character Art 3.0 and I'm still super proud about it.

By AlenyerC at A&C.

Oh! I love it!
Yooooooooo Mirino. That's bonkers wonderful.
I needed to make the joke if you know who my character is and get the reference. Didn't do the tattoos because they take waaay too long and this was a quick sketch:
Please tell me that I am not the only person who misread the signature on Manywater's image as "rimrag"

@Mirino I REALLY like the style in that image, and also in your avatar pic. Did the same artist do both? Are YOU the artist?

Oof. Y'all characters is cute. All of these look great ♡
Interesting tattoo Ranger.
Japanisch und Deutsch? Nicht auch Italienisch?
@Hek I'm not, no :-)

But it is the same artist, @deti on A&C, he is amazing.

Holy shit these are so great!!

Credit to Valentina on A&C!

Not my art, unfortunately. I should get back into doing art at some point, but this is incredibly freaking close.

You know I had to.

"I just need a smoke. You'll have it done when I get to it."
So basically, quick warmup sketch for my night... courtesy of one of my fave charas. You know who you are :^)

You're a fantastic artist!
"How many breads have you eaten in your life?"

I feel like someone has been hitting the roids hard.
Filthy Lil Mixah

HolyChrome! <3<3<3
got this one commissioned from if anyone wanted their own.

Finally had this lovely piece made after my character went through a pretty big change, physically....

By Ayie_OlaerArt from A&C.

It broke didn't it.... let me try again.

By Ayie_OlaerArt from A&C:

Sweet baby Jesus, HolyChrome. I'm gay in real life, but that character can GET IT. :P

I love it! 😁
Did my artpiece come up? Worried it's too high res and maybe won't load.
@Evie: The one by Ayie_OlaerArt did. ☺️
Oh okay, ty for letting me know!

The Rickson’s is a fanatical museum-grade replica of a U.S MA-1 flying-jacket, as purely functional and iconic a garment as the previous century produced…having been created by Japanese obsessives drive by passions having nothing at all to do with anything remotely like fashion.

Cayce knows, for instance, that the characteristically wrinkled seams down either arm were originally the result of sewing with pre-war industrial machines that rebelled against the slippery new material, nylon. The makers of the Rickson’s have exaggerated this, but only very slightly, and done a hundred other things, tiny things, as well, so that their product has become, in some very Japanese way, the result of an act of worship. It is an imitation more real somehow than that which it emulates. It is easily the most expensive garment Cayce owns, and would be virtually impossible to replace.

Half cosplay, half character art — my MA-1, shrunken tee, and vintage jeans. Black is the new black.

Consider me jealous, 0x1mm.
Nothing beats black. You can never have enough.
i wanted to make another

Got a quicker piece made. By Kross from A&C, a new artist on the site I wanted to support.

I got a bit ahead of myself! He's making some more changes and giving me a psd file if I want to color it and stuff, so I might make another post later. ^^"

Finished piece by the previously mentioned artist. I might mess around with the colors, or not.

Fixed upload.

Is that second life?
I'm not very good at drawing but I can use image editors. Been playing a week now and I LOVE this game, met so many interesting people with interesting back stories, had some pretty nerve wracking interactions too, but I've loved every minute so far. Super immersive.

This my character TwoHands. As I like to view him anyways, can't wait to see where my story goes and ends. :D

That is an awesome image! I love it.

But you really shouldn't share the name/identity of your character here, just FYI!

I think my entire day I've just been having "duurrr" moments because this is like the 5th time I've had someone make me go "oh yeah, that would have been smart" xD