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Cooking Thread
Post your cooking so we ignore that we're all eating soy

I'm suddenly very hungry..!
Chicken and Sausage Cabbage Stew

HI U WANT LIGHT STEW THATS GOOD? ok i share this recipe

- 1 chikkun brest

- 1 sausage link idk however much you want

- some savoy cabbage or bok choy (you can use regular cabbage but that cabbage is nasty imo)

- 1 teaspoon oil

- basil

- italian seasoning if you have it

- some hot sauce that you like, tabasco or louisiana hot sauce works

- a soup pot

- 3 cups water ( I don't measure this so you might need more)

- some salt for seasoning

- beef bullion cube (optional)

1. Cut up chicken and sausage, and put about half a cup of water in the pot along with the oil

2. Put the sausage in first. This will make a light faux-broth. Add basil.

3. If you like bullion cubes you can put a beef one in now, but you really don't need it for this. This step is optional.

4. Once your sausage cooks a little, you can dump the chicken in.

5. Start seasoning and adding water in tandem. A little tabasco, a little salt, a little herb, a little water. It will slowly build your faux-broth base because you're layering it with care. Stop when the chicken and sausage are twice covered in depth compared to the water.

6. You can cut up your cabbage to however large or small pieces you want, but now is the time to add it to the pot. The cabbage will wilt a bit and soak up extra space in the pot. If there's too little water, add more and then season.

7. Turn the heat down to medium so the pot doesn't boil over.

8. Make sure the broth is to your taste, if not then add more salt and tabasco. The great thing about this dish is it can be as spicy or mild as you want.

You can add other things to this too. Celery goes well, so do lentil beans. Tomato will do well too I guess.

This goes well with cream cheese on crispbread/crackers.

Because I'm too hopeless to try and link shit.

Keto treat me gently.

Hard boiled eggs with feta cheese, jalapenos, salt and pepper.

Time to post pictures of my corn flour pancakes when I can.
Come on down to Meltdown!

I would eat that ^
When you look at food and your intestines try to leave your body to eat them...
why must phone resolution suck
I rarely cook, but hey, look! It's salmon.

Why is Imgur so hard?

here, hek <3 looks tasty af
I made a bento set the once! Hmm... thinkin' a SD themed one would be hella fun to make next time...

Cyberpunk bread. Maybe not so cyber, but definitely punk.

Prepped while doing a task that requires a lot of lev waiting. American omelette with cheddar and sauteed onions and peppers, roasted potatoes with thyme, and critically, bacon.
Forgot the picture.
Gotdamn that looks delicious!
why yes, i'm going to revive this thread