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What's yours?

Today my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and pretty certain I've got it too as I've been learning about it. #LikeMotherLikeDaughter

I love who she is and who I am ans still managed to do really well but it's also challenging trying to be yourself in a world where normal people dont understand you and vice versa.

I've noticed how my initial character concept has been hard to play sometimes due to my personality type - but I've been trying to create reasons for it and just make it an interesting journey.

Anyone else going through something similar? How does it affect how you play?

Any tips about that or life in general?

Medication is OK. Turned around my son's ability to enjoy going to school. We're on a daily school dose + booster for homework after.

He gets a little hungry at the end of the school day because it suppresses his appetite while he's at school. Otherwise he's 100% still himself, just able to focus when he needs to. It's been like night and day.

Read about executive dysfunction, which is a primary debilitating component to success with ADHD due to neurotransmitter unbalance.

Patience is key. May want to do something and be unable to do it for reasons you can't explain. C'est la vie. Caffiene helps, but ADHD meds help more. Or just roll with it and don't be stressed that sometimes you just can't do a thing and it's not a big deal.

I'm another parent whose own ADHD wasn't diagnosed until having a child who turns out with it too.

He and I are both experimenting with medication. Both of us don't like being medicated but are sincerely giving it a try to see if it can be helpfully used as a tool in certain circumstances.

My son's challenges are less around things like academic progress and learning, and more around social differences and not fitting well with kids his age.

There's a lot of help available. Information, education - don't just let doctors steer everything. Become informed and show them you're not depending on them to tell you what to do but using them to get the care you want.

That doctor advice goes for other conditions too. I'm what you call triple-diagnosis: Recovered from substance abuse, history of major depression, and now the ADHD.

My 2 chyen.

Among other stuff...I also suffered from ADHD, dyslexic, mind fog and English is not even my first language (I started playing SD to practice my writing, believe it or not).

I have to work with letters and numbers and other languages all day everyday, nobody has ever acknowledge this as something debilitating in my case, not even the doctors (I even asked them for meds, but no cigar).

When I was a kid it was much more severe and I had to have special tutors for a couple of years, still it never goes away...even to this day I have a hard time telling left from right, I even got a tattoo so I don't forget and sometimes I still do.

It is challenging for sure, but I mule through it and try to force myself to practice and work to get better at it everyday. Got to learn how to cope and live with it I guess.

First, Diamond, props to you for posting this. This isn't always easy to do.

Secondly, I've had symptoms of ADHD for most of my life, which got a lot worse in the past five years. I have a job that requires a lot of focus and concentration, which was slowly becoming impossible to do. The symptoms I have are brain fog and forgetfulness, which lead to a lot of anxiety.

After a break down last summer, I went to talk to my doctor. It was painful. I'm the type of person who believes that willpower can solve most, if not all, of life's problems and I was convinced I could will my way through this. I didn't want to be medicated, because I thought medication meant, "broken."

What she said to me was pretty fantastic: "There is nothing wrong with medication. There is nothing wrong with the way your mind works. It just works differently and all this medication is going to do is help it catch up when a lot of your focus is required." That really spoke to me, so I tell people I have it as it comes up, especially if I bounce from topic to topic or get a little forgetful as the medication wears off, usually late in the evening.

I would actually like to thank my RP partners, because during this time (around September and October), I was adjusting to the dosage, which caused some interesting moodiness. Sindome became a place of refuge during that time. It provided a bit of escape until everything situated itself. My character is very different from me, and honestly, playing that character was so helpful to not focus too much on it. It was beyond therapeutic, which seems weird to say considering our theme. Due to certain plotlines, I was able to adjust the personality a bit, since the character was created before I started the medication, so as far as that is concerned, take any IC event you can to make adjustments as you need.

Overall, I feel profoundly more like myself than I have in years. It's become apparent at my job, my personal relationships, and my friends. I've even made some new ones on the way! It's allowed me to be creative again, which I've pushed back into Sindome. Overall, it's been worth it.

Drop the stigma and take care of yourself first, through whatever path that may be.

Good advice given here. I'll not get into listing all of the things I've gone through and my experiences with challenges of this sort or even specifically what my opinions are too much. I would just like to add that with ADHD in particular, anything you can do to mitigate the anxiety that comes with the fogginess and forgetfulness seems to take some of the pressure off and make the original symptoms more managable as they are not compounded.

Meditation, exercise, good diet. I have personally noticed that all of these thing help me with attention issues. I've moved away from the stimulant medications as they exacerbate my PTSD, but a mild SSRI (Prozac) has been beneficial for me. Caffiene in addition is also helpful.

Do your research. It's difficult with these challenges, but there is no substitute for understanding the treatment effort yourself. Don't just accept what doctors tell you, as they are not all so cognizant about pressing their ideals.

For the little one, as I'm sure you are already doing.. give her tons of love and bottomless patience. She'll figure it out. Be kind to yourself. Accept that you are not a perfect specimen. None of us are. Your limitations may be unique, but we all have them and they don't have to hold you - or her- back.

Thanks for sharing. <3

Thank you everyone for sharing. Sindome has been theraputic and cathartic for me, helping me to move past issues I've had. I take so much better care of myself now than I used to.
I'm very ADHD and I've been off my meds quite a bit recently, both because of cashflow problems and because I just forget. Hence why I tend to idle a lot, I get distracted and sometimes forget I'm logged in. It's an issue. I'm trying to work on it but it's a hard process.
I have a similar life story.

I was diagnosed with ADD in high school. I adamantly refused to be medicated for it and then spent over twenty years trying to deal with it myself. I did biofeedback. Worked on my diet. Got heavily into meditation, then qi gong and tai chi. Finally kung fu. I experimented with practically every illegal drug out there short of heroin and crack.

The whole time I thought that there was something wrong with me due to life choices that I had made. It was not until I got into therapy after spending 15 years in a bad relationship that I finally was willing to try medication. These days I'm on duloxetine for the anxiety. I'm also on guanfacine (daily) and adderall as needed for the ADD.

I am going to be coming off of the duloxetine soon. It turns out that most of my anxiety is related to childhood PTSD involving sexual assault and some other things. That has all come out through therapy. Becoming aware of it and working through it has really changed who I am because I now understand why I've spent the last 30+ years acting the way I do.

If I had not had a child I probably would not have gotten into therapy. It was the constant arguing with my ex in front of our kid that made me want to change. I did not want her to grow up in an environment where her parents are fighting all the time.

My daughter is moderately autistic. Seeing that in her has allowed me to see some of my own autistic tendencies. It's totally true what people say about children forcing us to face our own challenges.

@Diamond, I would encourage you to consider medication. In my case, it made a world of difference. It almost feels like I'm cheating at life now given how easy it is to concentrate.

For your kid the answer is not so simple. I am not sure what things are like there in Europe. I'm fortunate in that where I live, we get great services for my daughter. By services I mean things like educational support for her, and training for my ex and I on how to parent an autistic child.

I found a great supplement that made a huge difference for my daughter. I was totally skeptical that vitamins would make a noticeable difference, but I am so glad that I tried it out. Now that she has been on it for a while, I can tell the difference in her focus when she goes a few days without it. I started taking it too because it is the most potent multi-vitamin I have ever come across.


Best of luck to you and your kid. Being a parent can be challenge even on the best days. It's a good thing it's so darn rewarding. =)

I have a medium-rare case of NPD. Works like a charm around here...

Who doesn't like an NPD friend who tells them that they're amazing while the whole time scheming how to use them? 😜

Major depression and anxiety which explains my RP very well lmao boiiii
Severe depression, and self worth issues. Very unlike my character, which can be a challenge sometimes. Medication helps sometimes, but not as much as I'd like.
VPD (visual processing disorder), specifically visual discrimination and visual agnosia, both of which have become increasingly worse over time. Have made many things frustratingly difficult, including working, reading, programming, and playing SD, which I now rely on a MOO client that supports lots of custom highlighting / coloring to be playable at all, and I still struggle to process when there's a lot going on (combat, vehicle travel, lots of SIC chatter, busy rooms).

Intense, sudden bouts of vertigo that can lay me out for a day at a time, seemingly unconnected to any physical or emotional triggers, with no history or symptoms of migraines, that have stumped specialists for more than a decade. Somewhat controlled by a scattershot approach of medication, though the side effects make them only questionably worthwhile.

Intense social anxiety, anxiety towards crowds and large spaces, new places in general, no medication / therapy made a dent in these but always hopeful. Like some others I find SD to often be a very useful outlet for socialization and community that I'd be lost without. I'm really glad we're all here, and (usually) good at supporting one another.

Acute agoraphobia, panic disorder and depression for me.
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hypermobile type & social anxiety, which has made it difficult to play my characters well in the past. The EDS is fine, though, I just got weird joints.
This one hasn't been actually diagnosed, but executive dysfunction seems a little likely, too, since I can't make decisions for the life of me. At all, more or less. (Yes, I know it's more than just that).
ADHD, OCD, Asperger's and Tourette's Syndrome. We're all a little special around here, it seems.

I feel lucky that we found out about my conditions very early in my life, but it's still been a rollercoaster and a half.

Honest point: Nothing wrong with medicating your condition if you need it. My mom only has one diagnosis; ADHD. She got the diagnosis in her 40's, she was already burned out and her ADHD gave her incredible stress. Meds get her stress down to manageable levels.

Without my meds, I'd be a nervous wreck. Some people can live without meds, some can not. Simple as that.

It's interesting seeing that people besides myself have found sindome as a roleplaying community/game helpful for their conditions. For me Sindome has provided a space to explore gender roles (albeit I recognise in a fantasy environment) and helped me come to terms with some gender dysphoria I've been experiencing for some time now. I'm seeing my doctor for the first time on the 17th of this month and am very very glad it's the British Army I work for now and not the US one given current policies about such things.