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Dont play BURP2

I played there for a while, since May. I played in OceanWall and my pc did wrong things and gained trust and eventually became like the princess right hand. I was dealt with accordingly for my crimes before deciding to serve the crown of oceanwall. But whenever I tried to create plots or gain strength IC I was quickly barred by admins. From trying to create my own clan/house to acting on IC situations to move up.

Recently, a pc murdered a friend of my pcs, and then was celled, the pc happened to be the princesses husband or whatever you like to call it, Giselle Martin, and Cassius Tiber Lesesne. He was meant to be killed for his crime as stated by laws drawed up by the princess. Her relationship could have clouded her judgement. But she came through and decided she would order his execution, IT SEEMS. Not if you look deeper though. Staff had the queen of the abyss shown up (satan of hell) and decide to spare Cassius. Boor was killed for refusing to bow to a demon, indirectly cassius fault. I had lost two friends to him in under a week, and even worse he had killed two players off. So I learnt of it and went to his manor, its not the first time hes escaped death for unfathamable reasons. Nor is it the last time he will kill a pc off. I struck him in his manor, he was suppose to be a mighty mage baron.. right. And everyone played me to keep me from ruling, IC and OOC. I knocked him out, and was happy. Then the princess shows up and takes him, I knock the person carrying Cassius out too and then im left with the princess.

his description said he was cuffed, nor did he attack in combat, so when I try drag him off deeper in the manor stagg decide to freeze me and cassius and halt the whole scene. I had a minute in which to kill him before rp went south. I didn't as staff once told killing take away story. and lashed me for acting ic basically. that was months ago. this happened just the other day now. Obviously cassius is a staff alt or something. But all i know is you cant move the story ic. The main figures at play are the favorites, Martin, Cassius, Natahaniel. Ezekiel and Satu don't seem to have much say truthfully as I did, just a side off like I was. I was excluded from scenes alot and told it was too high up for me. Even though I was personal guard for princess, one of the two, other being Ezekiel.

I got banned and staff tried keeping it quiet. I've decided to not lash them on mud sites as its too much energy that it deserves to be honest and because I think the game has potential and is great. Its just the staff. and some of their player favorites. The staff consists of Psyche, Minx, Orpheus, Renzo, Shard. The first four are senior staff and run the game. As yoy can see thats how they get away with it. I was emailed being told after reviewing logs I'd been banned until further notice and it was in their best interest. They mentioned trying to make it fair for me too on cassius player, but didnt clarify. This was all after post pending a question on fb asking why I'm being told i cant connect to the server that same day.

During the scene Cassius went ooc speech and starting assaulting me and then staff joined in telling me I've had an ooc grudge and they always try play that card, I got angry and told them off for always using it against me for IC consequences. staff swore me back. we got past that and I apologized to Minx. she did too and said it was 2am and she was sorry for accusing me. we were on good terms, me and staff before I logged out. Cassius player continued assaulting me though verbally oocly. And my guess is he still plays.

I was going to leave it, the situation. but the tmc post today about IC actions having consequences made me post this before you guys invest time and find out the hard way. I've been banned on SD before but ive learnt and matured since then. I don't think staff have problems with me anymore.

This was longer than expected, thanks for reading. I was Artimie over there by the way.

Oh.. also I've never killed a pc there ! :) its not like SD where you can be brash. It has to appeal to admins or you don't get to play your pc personality and they tell you how to play in an ooc manner.

I can't possibly imagine this kind of thing is good to spread around, let alone air over here.

Sorry if staff want they can remove this post. IM just informing the SD players.

Not to mention the post is practically unreadable. I tried to follow it, but I honestly have no clue what the post is talking about.

Bitching about a game on our boards really just makes us look bad.

You should try handling it with them, politely.

Maybe they have a reason why you weren't successful behind the scenes that you weren't aware of?

Just e-mail them and see if it sorts out. But lets keep these boards for SD for the most part, all right? :)

I actually logged in just to get a list of rules on their PK. Chances are, you didn't meet the criteria, which are very strict sounding and, you know what, it's their game, so you've got to play by their rules.

In fact, that's the strictest sounding PK I've ever seen anywhere!

Fact is I didn't kill anyone. I know their rules. I met them because I had reason. If you attempted to read before posting you'd see. Admin please remove this topic though if you want.

Let's stop that before it gets worse.

They did read it. They were just trying to offer some help, which was along the lines of a possibility which I had suggested.

All right?

All right, sorry. But I'd like admin to remove this for the reasons you guys pointed out. You've been informed.

So don't play Back Up and Restore Program 2. Got it.

It's a giant hassle for us to remove posts, otherwise we would have a remove post button. This topic is probably here to stay unless Johnny or I decide to dig around the database. I will say this though, we don't like when our disgruntled players go elsewhere with their complaints, which has happened, so we should respect other games and not do that to them.

Just my two cents.