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Guided Discussion: Next Topic?
What should the next guided discussion channel topic be?

Hey All -

We've gotten feedback that while the Town Hall's are great for getting updates on where the game is at and where we are headed, and having several important discussions in a short (3 hour) period, there is something lacking, because there isn't a lot of back and forth or being able to discuss things in real time, and go back and forth and address points others raise.

The staff agree, and we put the guided discussion channel in place to have some of these longer form conversations in real time, in between town halls.

We're going to be scheduling some at semi-regular cadence, and we wanted to identify what the topics you want to discuss most are.

Please respond with the topic you're interested in discussing. When we've got a good amount of responses I'll create a poll in game and you all can vote on the topic and we'll schedule a date & time to have the discussion!

I'd love to have these scheduled every month or two or three, in between Town Halls.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Still looking for topics here!
The subject of sever in combat / long blades.
I feel like there’s been some risk avoidance lately among PCs. Sure, it could just be due to the holidays coming up, but it seems like people are less likely to jump on plots that would involve putting their character into risky situations. I’d like to discuss ways to encourage PCs to put their characters into risky but exciting situations and how to feel better about putting your own character at risk. Perhaps a discussion about the perception of IC consequences could be useful as well.

I’d also love to talk about how to get other characters involved in plots started by PCs. Seems like many player-created plots lately do not have a chance to shine because of a lack of investment or interest by other PCs. Perhaps this is due to IC reasons i.e. maybe the PC didn’t give a convincing enough reason for another character to get involved in their plot, but it could also be rooted in OOC risk avoidance. I feel like a discussion about ways to push plots ICly could be in order.

Would like to talk about the recent AOI and multiple job terminals change and how that was seen as a good idea for player retention right after half the community got banned.

- Half the community wasn't banned, that is an overstatement

- What does AOI mean?

- Which job terminal changes are you talking about?

I'm gonna be the one to say what's on everybody's mind but nobody seems to want to and if I end up getting smacked for it, so be it.

I'd like to discuss the current state of the game over the past 3 months. There's been a gradual tone and culture shift that has been overall harmful for the game's mantra of cooperative competition on both staff and player side and I feel it needs to be discussed.

I'd also like to discuss late game progression, and how there are particular expectations of older characters in place yet isn't always the support nor incentive for them to do what's expected.

Fire away, boys

Keep the topics coming. I've scheduled the first one which will be on the state of the game / the past 3 months, so we can hopefully answer questions and field ideas from y'all.

Articles of Incorporation. I brought it up because a recent change made it so all Articles of Incorporation-created businesses require a job terminal which I assume was the spearhead for the greater job terminal change I mentioned: You can no longer be on multiple job terminals. At all. Even if you worked there for free.

I say this was a poor choice for player retention because in the span of the last few months, my character lost almost all of their friends, enemies, and now their hobby-job too which was related to a very niche skillset that barely sees use. So working there full time with no other jobs would be very slow and having 2 jobs was the perfect medium between using my skills and actually having things to do.

And, it's like. What now? Genuine question and why I'm posting in this thread.

I have barely anything to do in game and I doubt I'm the only person in this position. I can't really see any reason why any player character would want to be a bartender or work at a player-leased biz long term now that it has to be their only job because they are very slow jobs with no perks, making them perfect for side gigs for extra RP. But now, I feel like hiring someone as a bartender or whatever, especially if they're new, would actively hinder their enjoyment of the game by giving them less money and zero perks. Sure, they might get some extra RP, but they could also get the same RP by simply hanging out there.

On the flip side, there's not enough actual coded content for a lot of the non player-leased jobs like CHEX, TSX, 3LP or CA, etc, most are very reactive with long spans of time with nothing to do, and taking away side gigs/multiple job terminals does more harm than good and doesn't seem very themely. Plenty of people work multiple jobs irl.

Game feels very stagnant the last few months and limiting player options doesn't really help that.

I think discussing what people believe the "New Player Experience" is would be entertaining to watch, as probably not a single staff member has gone through that ordeal of how much it absolutely sucks.

I mean, people can try to say that it's "fair" or "where we want it", but currently you

-lack any form of functioning Wiki to describe anything about your world,

-have an extremely hard FOIG of denying literally any sort of information that could be used ICly even to the extent of major world events your character should know about. Literally all of Europe is dead because of The Fog? You'd think with my history written of being there last year I'd know something about that... Nope. Complete shock that I ignored all those corpses.

-Your entire system of older player retention is built around keeping them from remembering how shitty it was to first come into Sindome, and bribing them with more powerful characters and starting upper Corp positions to stay.

I mean, remove UE rollover for characters if somebody gets permed and watch what happens to your player count. And that's without the players realizing how far that pit really is and how little UE you give virgin characters.

I read everything about expectations, and I wrote up a background for what I would think would be an average backstory. I wasn't some hero of the 51st Delta Squadron, I was just some schlub who made the mistake of showing up to Withmore.

Boy was I mistaken. Took me six months to get up to "average schlub" stats, and even then I don't feel like my character can accomplish *anything* that he supposedly has spent his entire life doing. And even now this far in as a "fresh player", I'm really questioning why I want to keep logging in, as career advancement anywhere is laughable, and the Mix feels pretty much abandoned now.

I feel like I'm back playing World or Warcraft. I hit level cap. Now what? Oh, now you can actually play the game!

I just ground out six months of UE playing Sindome to an admittedly unhealthy degree. Now what? Oh, now you can start playing the game!

At level one!

Yes it was a mini-rant, but I think a discussion about new player retention should be relevant. If the staff want that hard edge breakdown of character and an almost antagonistic stance to new players wanting to try out their game, you need to say that. Otherwise discuss how to actually make Sindome something that players will play for more than three months before they either booth or go into a coma in a coffin forever.

^^^^^ This, 1000 times. The "wiki" hosted on FANDOM has like four pages, the wiki on this site is missing tons of information (red links to hell and back), navigating the Grid is like pulling teeth and trying to access pages that (wonderful players of the past) created to help newbies is hell on Earth.

Also, you should update the site to inform players that decking isn't like hacking or the typical cyberpunk thing because spec-ing my character for that only to be disappointed when I couldn't do anything major with it aside from making advertisements and defacing blogs really killed my motivation to play and I'm sure others feel the same way.

The archetype page has a warning about decker characters already:

"If you are interested in playing a jockey then you will be more limited in terms of coded support for your character than you would be picking a different archetype to base your character on. If you are looking for coded support for your characters skills, you should stay away from jockey related skills. We are currently working on new code for jockey but we do not have a release date yet. PROCEED WITH CAUTION."

The timeline has major world events:

The lore page of the website:

While missing some more recent information, has a ton of info on the game and the theme.

That entire wiki is also available ICly via the Immy Holograms.

Updating the Lore wiki to allow easier updating in game is on my list. It's an old system and def needs an update. Can't deny that!

As for the staff not having gone through the new player experience, staff members do re-roll characters fairly often. But I don't think that is a useful metric in and of itself, as anyone on Staff has been playing at least 6 months, and would already have an understanding of a lot of game mechanics that new players discover.

Either way, this sounds like a great topic for a guided discussion. This thread isn't the place for it though. If you do want to continue the discussion on the BGBB, feel free to create a thread on the BGBB and I'll happily discuss there!

Given the recent suspensions and banning, I think it might be a good idea to discuss/give advice to generating RP in a community that is now significantly smaller, and ways in which the game world could change to reflect that.
@bear +1

Especially for non-combat players. I'm seeing a significant decrease in opportunities and with top-side being a ghost town, now, it's even worse. Non-combat intrigue could benefit from some staff support. I'm not talking about events and performances. Those are just time-killers. I mean real intrigue and plot development. Most ideas just seem to be deflected to combat-oriented characters or passed over. If there are bad ideas for plots, some help generating better ones would be helpful.

I am not sure if it is to late or not to add a new topic, and this will be a really spicy topic for sure, I was hoping someone else would raise it.

The perceived favouritism or unfair treatment of some players, and by extension their characters, by the staff or the community.

Hey folx, I want to do these monthly, so please continue submitting ideas! What should we do our next ~2 hour guided discussion / roundtable on?
I know organized crime saw a pretty paltry showing of @votes for player interest, but coming out of the last townhall there was some (I felt) much needed focus shifting towards these areas and setting up roles that players could filter into these groups pre-endgame... but then there was a lot of drama immediately following and the idea has fallen by the wayside. It's probably an open question now whether more ancillary roles are even needed when core roles can't be filled to begin with.

I always felt personally that organized crime was at the heart of the game, and that the high amount of engagement with this part of the game by capable players during 2018/2019 had the carry-on effect of making that a real high point for the game world feeling especially alive and especially cyberpunk.

However I am pretty biased and prefer this part of the theme probably a lot more than most players, and feel personally it has languished, whereas others might feel the resources were better spent elsewhere to begin with. I wouldn't mind taking a general temperature about this part of the game to see if anyone really does want it to better than it is, or if the zeitgeist has shifted elsewhere.

I second this topic. Organized crime is the end-game of Red and makes the sector come alive, opening up chances, roleplay, plots for everyone from oldbies to midbies down to new characters.

I agree that 2018/2019 were great times for this part of the game that helped others ride it for years and getting another atmosphere like that would help Red players I think feel more engaged and breathe life into activity down there beyond the current existence.

We're about a month out from the last guided discussion -- I'd like to plan another one for the next week or so. What would folx like to talk about?
Not sure if this has already been discussed, but I'd like to talk about what "cooperative competition" means, and how it relates to the "PvP" nature of Sindome.
Agreed, I think this topic needs to be discussed.
I think that ways to involve non-combat oriented characters as vital parts of the PvP process should be included in the "cooperative competition" part of this discussion as well.
Sounds like a good topic to discuss. I've scheduled it for tomorrow (02/16/23) at 6PM DST.
Seems like we have been talking about the economy a lot. I think this would be a good topic for its own guided discussion, so I'm adding it here, as I don't think we will have the time to get into every economy topic at the Town Hall.
Another Topic: OOC Communication Rules