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How do I contact IC chars here?
I mean the ooc char behind teh IC char.

I got to know a guy in SD - one of teh few tolerable one's. He was good at RPing IMO. Aby idea how to contact his 'handler' so to speak here in the forums? How do I know who runs what chars?
You don't!

It can be figured out through subtle means, but it's an IC/OOC breach really. There's no reason you should be trying to chat with someone just because you think they're a good RP'er. That's just going to lead to abuse.

Just enjoy the RP you two have together IC!

The reason you can't is because then it would be quite easy to accidentally meta (whether you intended to or not).

No but I cant login to the game at all. I'v been banned for 2 weeks. I just dont know if he'll still be there when I get back . . was my firs IG friend and stuff.

Also, I'm wondering how I'm supposed to describe my slumber of two weeks ICly. Any ideas/formats for that thats been used before?

not strictly on topic but . . .
The pains of banning...

You could just say something about being elsewhere in the city. Maybe you were busy with work. Maybe you just were quiet for a week and a little reclusive. Anything works.

Your character could've been working very hard for awhile.

Or, if you find your character on the streets...

Due to financial or ______ problems, your character was homeless for awhile.

I think you should make up your own IC reasons though. It's more fun!

I had just started Maaaaaaaan!!!

lol .

Thanks for the ideas though.I was getting tired of the "I got hit on the head while being mugged the third time in three days" excuse.

Thanks Diani.
There's the saying that Art imitates life, so as I become busy with work and classes or something, I sometimes say as much in game.

Oh, I have a big project at work and I will not be around, or I have a big project and you may not be able to reach me. Had to study for the test. ;)

If you're an artist - Mano, I was working on this painting for someone in Miami sea dome.

These are just examples.

I got it extended to three weeks. Now what ? nobody stays a recluse in his coffin for 3 weeks man. lol.
It got extended to 3 weeks. Now what?

Stop breaking the rules?

Question has been asked before. Maybe for different OOC reasons. But the IC situation is the same.

What To Do Post-Hiatus

Stop breaking the rules?

We'll see.

Answers like that clearly show that you aren't here to RP, but to be disruptive.

It's not a do one or the other thing. You do both, or you end up with punishments that you deserve. Read the @rules, learn them, and RP with us. Or don't and just don't play.

@Mazadak - We'll see?

Come on, man. (or mona)

Manners are how you treat others and it's coming across like you're purposely trying to upset others now.

If you want to be part of the group, you need to follow the rules. These ones aren't suppressive and are a decent set of rules to help game play as well as OOC interaction.

Welcome to the group.

There are many interesting characters around and instances for RP, but please use good manners while here and really, treat others how you would want to be treated. It doesn't matter who did what first, use good manners anyways. It'll help you anywhere in life.

Please, I would really like to know if I could find some way to talk to someone I RP'd with. My character has recently been killed, and if nobody corpse clones them, I want to contact people who played characters close to mine. I need the closure, please. I can't stand the thought of never talking to the people I've connected with ever again. It's not as if I can approach them as a new character and say "hey it's me!". Can someone help me, please? I don't want to lose potential real life friends over a fictional death.
The short answer is no.

Death and loss is very much part of the theme of the game. When you die, your voice and your ability to speak to people in that world die with it. Period. Asking someone to help you through OOC means is a clear violation of the rules.

If you read the @rules in game, 1.B deals with this: When your character finally permanently dies, you are sent to char-gen to make a new character. You are, at that time, a completely new character

with absolutely no relation to or memory of the past character.

As does 1.F: Metagaming is the act of crossing IC/OOC lines either passively or

actively. For instance, using information you as the player know to

benefit (or even hinder) your character is active metagaming as is

circumventing IC factors (such as SIC dead zones) via OOC methods. Passive

metagaming is the sharing of IC information through OOC means, such as

discussing IC events through OOC channels and also altering your

character's behaviour towards another character due to your OOC

relationship with that character's player.

It's simply not allowed I'm afraid. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope someone does corpse clone you, but you won't get them to do it by asking them to OOC.

Nuevo, step back and take a breather. Death sucks, welcome to Withmore. You are not your character and those are your dead character's friends, not yours. SD isn't a dating or friend matching game. It's a role-playing community. Your dead character's friends were playing roles and please don't confuse their characters with the players behind them.

I know that sounds harsh but, having that mental separation between your character and yourself is important to your time here. Your new character will make new friends.

If you want to chat with fellow players, you can use our ooc chat by typing @xlisten ooc. Do not share in character information on this channel. Good luck with your round two.

But if I end up not being cloned, I mean. Obviously while cloning is still possible I could metagame and ask them to clone me, but if my window of opportunity closes and my character permanently dies forever and ever, I can't benefit the character no matter what.

I'm completely aware that any new character will have none of the knowledge I've gained as a player, or knowledge of my character. I'm not asking to talk to them oocly as my new character, I would like the opportunity to give someone a way to contact me and interact as the real people we are. I don't want to ruin the game, which is why I asked here so I could find away to do this acceptably. I want to know if there is a way I can say person to person: "hey, wanna exchange emails?" since as a new character I cannot give away who I am and ask them oocly in the new character if they wanna be friends outside the game. This middle period would be my only chance for contact without straight up breaking half the rules. It's my fault I didn't have the foresight to not ask before this happened. I'm sure many friendships have formed between players, and I'm asking for the opportunity to have the same happen for me.

I know I'm not my character, and the people playing my character's friends weren't their characters. I would just like to know if they would be interested in talking. Again, I'm speaking only if my character is never corpse cloned.

I know Withmore is harsh, and I accept my character's fate. But this is real life. I hope with all my might someone clones them but if that doesn't happen, I want to say hello without breaking the rules.

That's still not going to happen. There is no way to do things like that.
I think that the fun and excitement of a Roleplay Community is the fact that you have near no chance to know who is behind your character's best friend's character. In the end, you're both just playing a virtual character in a text based game, there should be no reason or argument to want to know who is behind that character. But, knowing people in the ooc channel is fun by itself, and doesn't give that meta-y chance of preferring one character to others that conflict your IC choices your character would make, I think.
It would absolutely be meta gaming for you to tell another player OOCly that your character is permanently dead.

No, it can't benefit your old character, but that doesn't matter. The information could profoundly affect the survivors.

It is impossible to completely disassociate oneself from a character he/she has created. Our characters are, ultimately, projections of ourselves. Even if they are completely dissimilar to us, in order to rp as these characters, we are imparting our consciousness upon them. The strict IC/OOC separation does not really make sense for the human mind. It understands the difference between the two realities, but any emotions derived from roleplaying the character are seen as real. Therefor, these virtual characters CAN and HAVE influenced "real-life".

I am proposing a system where players can contact players who's characters they have interacted with. However, this system will need to maintain the anonymity of both players, and they should not communicate IC information. The player who uses the system will only know that the other player is someone they have interacted with before, but have no idea which one they are.

The ideal system is to have both players recognize each other's characters, while not being able to metagame. But since this needs some serious mind-altering technology not yet developed, I believe my system is the next best thing.

I'm sure Johnny will figure it out.

We have a playerbase of around 30-45 players on, at average. If you encounter someone in the game... chances are you've either RP'd with them before, or they are brand new. This system you're proposing would just remind you of that or reveal who the true newbies are. Which is pretty pointless.

You say I'm sure Johnny will figure it out as if just because you proposed an idea, that we're going to do.

The game has lots of priorities, enabling players to interface directly and increase the chances of OOC/IC information spread is NOT a priority. Use ooc-chat to talk to people, problem solved.

Contributing to what others have said, I want to add a small foreword: sorry if this sounds too blunt but the truth is that this idea is ridiculous. You have to understand that the players behind the characters are COMPLETELY different from their characters. My character has backstabbed and killed people to advance in their goals, some of them being close friends who got "betrayed". This is the essence of Sindome along with cooperative competition. By becoming their OOC buddies your RP becomes biased because your character will probably behave differently what they mean to just because your OOC feelings/relationships will get in the way. Yes, there are cases where two players who know eachother IRL will not metagame and will respect the IC/OOC barrier, but those cases are extremely seldom that you shouldn't even bother.

Just imagine the awkwardness in sending an e-mail to someone you met in Sindome, but having to screw over their character a week later. "Hey, it's me, Richard McDick, I killed your char a week ago but I wanted to know how are you." Besides, I'm pretty sure that the very most of the players in this community want to keep IC matters strictly IC because it's what it benefits roleplay the most. You might think you're just being nice and all but you will probably put them off. By asking if you can share contact details you are hindering possible RP opportunities, you are forcing yourself to be biased in your character's actions and you will probably put them off their immersion.

The objective of my post was not to actually put forward the system, as it has been pretty well established that such a thing is probably implausible. It was sort of a desperate request for an ideal world, in which this sort of thing is possible. You can call it ridiculous, but I deem it as being hopeful and positive.

Let's push for a post-human society!

And about the "I am sure Johnny will figure it out" part: It was not an assumption that my proposal will be accepted automatically, but rather a way to show what the post was really about: A hopeful prediction of what technology will eventually allow us to do.

You guys know we have the @profile system?