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How do I cope with a stupid decision

So, I made a stupid decision in my head out of character, that was uncharacteristic of my character... which got my character killed, because I'm dumb.

It's nothing like messing with the wrong people or anything, it's just good old dumb me deciding that somehow, making my character commit liven't was a good idea, cause I myself wasn't sure that I was gonna be able to play due to my schedule.

Now my character that I felt was a part of me(because I based em around a part of me lol) is dead and I haven't been able to play with my new one, because the last death left me depressed after I realized what I did. How do I cope with this?

You'll get over it, we'll get over it. It's no big. Rolling with the punches and making the best of awful shit headed your way is the heart of Sindome.
I make dumb decisions all the time in the heat of the moment.

Just get over it and move on. A closed door is a hundred new opportunities :)

Cyberpunk is only fun when you're in a hole and trying to dig yourself out of it.

If you stumble into one, consider it a happy accident and roll with it!

I suggest you try to keep your characters pretty detached from your own personality, so you won't feel bad next time they mess up, or get killed, or have to do some bad things.

It's normal to want a break after a character death, though, so maybe what you need is to step away for a little bit until you feel motivated again.

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Especially that last one. I probably really should not base my characters in games with this level of permadeath and roleplay on the aspects of me. I was also thinking of incorporating the character into my own story so as to sort of preserve the memory and be able to experience them again, in a way.
I think a character death, especially perming, is a normal period to dial back and take a breather. Also, for most RPers (myself included) your first "character" is basically just you in a lot of respects.

I'd suggest taking a while to lay off, examine the things/situations/environments that you enjoyed your in your last character, and combine them with traits and motivations that are as opposite to you irl as possible. It's a lot easier to take a character death in stride when you're not identifying with the character. Especially if you are coming to terms with (and eventually enjoying) the negative consequences of the actions leading to the death.

Over time I've been more successful in watching my character fail in the same way that I would watch a ben-stiller type fail in a movie. If you can shift your perspective a bit it can help separate IC and OOC a lot.

The perception of the threat of coerced permadeath is vastly higher than the practical reality. Most instances are players giving up or deliberately flirting with the void.

If you intend to play a 'play-to-lose' disposable character, or a thrill-seeking antagonist, you should expect the possibility of the hard goodbye, but I wouldn't necessarily otherwise let the mere threat of permadeath shape your whole existence and approach to how to you wish to role-play.

I took a couple of weeks off after losing my first character. I had put so much effort into his back story that the loss left me lost. I wasn't even sure where to start with a new character.

Take at least a couple of days to let the lessons sink in. Figure out how your next character will be an evolution from the lessons you learned and the experiences that you had.

I've posted before about OOC/IC separation and the importance of it. That said, no matter what, I think we're all invested in our characters to one extent or another and sometimes, when bad things happen to them, it hurts.

It's perfectly natural to have a reaction like this and sometimes taking a break is so beneficial. Sindome is one of the few games I've played where I've had emotional reactions in real life, to the point I've had to AFK in scenes and mention OOC that I'm having a moment (i.e., bawling) and need to take a few minutes. Other times, I may play a little less, to get my head back in order.

Character death is up at the top of that and it's okay to feel a little depressed. For me, it's like binging my favorite show and finding it's over, and wondering what I'm supposed to do now. You'll heal and find a new character to love to iddy, biddy bits.

Take some time, really think on the new character you want to play and allow yourself to get excited for them. The blues will pass!