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Hurricane Florence


Anyway some people might be affected here. I shall be if it follows this path. We'll go to a hotel if it hits landfall this way, but just posting a heads up. Stay safe, y'all!

Good luck.
Batten down the hatches!
hide your moosex stash
Boy I sure do love hurricane season in Florida. :D
I'm just glad I moved more inland.
Good luck to those of you caught in the path. I have family in Wilmington, NC and they are anticipating losing everything (house, possessions, etc.) Both my sister and brother-in-law work in the hospital. She's an ER nurse, he's a respiratory tech.

The shelter in place instructions that they got seemed pretty hard core. Evacuating patients off of the highest floors. Needing to be prepared with a weeks worth of clothing, etc.


It gon' rain.