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Is Cyber Jocky Viable?
Not trying to get info OOCly, just wondering

I'm new to Sindome and I want to make a technology character, but don't know if the "Cyber Jockey" archtype is viable. Is there enough to do on the grid or should I go for more of a "Tech Guru" build. It would be cool to see what can be done with Programming and Systems, but I wonder if I should wait and spec into that later.


P.S. Sorry if this post is not allowed, I just don't really know what to expect

Every archetype and RP is viable. Even if their coded systems are in a state of flux or limited use, the RP is still there to be had.
What is a cyber jockey ? Does he stream songs on the internet ?

It's really hard to discuss without treading into FOIC badness. 'Viable' is really subjective. There is RP to be had, yes. Are you going to have fewer opportunities and less overall leverage in almost every situation than a combat archetype right now? Yes.

That said, if it's an archetype is appealing to you, you should play it. SD is and always will be a game where you get out of it what you put into it. And the game isn't finished, the builders and coders and GMs are working hard to bring more features to the game every day. I'm sure deckers (and all archetypes) will have more and more to play with as time goes on.

I would assume by “Viable “ they less mean “I need IC examples “ and more of “Is there coded support for this or can I actually make a decent living, have good rp surrounding the skill, etc”.

I think that is a very valid question because there was at one time skills in the game that had absolutely zero value because there was nothing to go with them. It’s been years and I’m sure things have been added and are still coming (like grid 3.0) If you find yourself in a stale state with it but you’re actually trying, there is a pretty good GM staff here that will probably shove some RP related to it your way 😉

You can do the thing, yep! I hope you have fun doing it!
No, there isn't much you can do with programming/cracking than vandalize webpages. If you wanna be a 'Tech Guru' then you can branch into being a tv and sec system installer. But uh... that's uh, that's about it. There's a few quirks and tiny hidden coded things that decker-likes can do but they're nowhere near as influential or useful as just putting a bunch of UE into combat skills instead.
Grid 3.0 is Coming Soon(tm) but I don't know much about it. I *think* it's going to be hooked into security systems? But that may also just be something I saw someone suggest.
At the same time I have seem at least one person play the archetype and become a force to be reckoned with. They weren't slaying people left and right but they certainly had presence. They were a blast to RP with. Just watching them in action was inspiring.
That really piques my interest. Is there a way I can research or find out more about him ICly? I would love to study a character that did decking well. If it's ok could you post his name?
We're not supposed to go into IC specifics OOCly, but try asking in character!
If the player you're referring to in question is who I think it is, Grey0, I keenly remember them complaining about being burned out at being near-totally useless in almost every coded situation.