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January 2022 Memes Thread

Because it's not Summer 2021 anymore.
Way to shut a thread down in one post 0x1mm

What else needs to be said after that?

sindome players logging their 5th moosex session of the day

Mirage testing things lately.

meanwhile, scrolling through patch notes...

SIC ads be like
RIP didn't embed my joke is ruined.
don't care if it's march

Freight gets added and-
...okay take two.


Props for the 40K footage.
the pledge experience

NOMOD extremists confront IMOD, 2106 (colorized)


trying to get back into sindome after a break, as an eu player

fighting a veteran PC as a newbie

you need to copy the image link, not the url of the imgur page lol
*coughs up blood and dies*

For some reason I feel like this is relevant:

timely relevance
How every criminal hopes a WJF interrogation will go...

I think I've seen each once at most and I have a shit memory, goes along with

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