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Large Pad Waitlist?

Can we get a wait list for large pads?

When they were available, I had the money to buy one but they were only being given to players with less than 30 days left on their membership.

Now that I have less than 30 days left on my membership, they are not available.

I think that's on purpose because they're so limited.
As someone who is also in the situation that you are in, it isn't necessary.

The Staff opened up the pads before because I assume they had an excess of unused large pads. Now they don't, and the alternative is having builders create more.

Would you rather builders constantly be making more large pads for anyone who wants one, or be making cool new locations IC?

Sure, it sucks that you can't have a fancy big pad as some people do just because of a time limit. But most of your RP should be outside the pad anyway.

i don't think this is necessary

it's always been first come first serve

Beat that property owner until his pad becomes your pad
This came up for me yesterday, and I was told by staff they're now actually 'closed', my interpretation was they're closed-closed, not just booked up. I think the info on Club Membership page is outdated. They said if they're ever re-opened they'll make an announcement.
The system certainly seems arbitrary though. It's not "first come, first serve" it requires the purchaser be in a very specific situation in order to purchase a large pad. A 'wait list' would be first come, first serve, allowing the person on the top of the list to 'upgrade' to a large pad, not just the first person to click the link when their membership is close to expiring.
We currently do not have sufficient large pads to allow further large memberships - and for the immediate future this is not going to change which is why you are currently unable to purchase a large membership. I'm not saying that couldn't change at some point - but that point is now and I don't have an ETA for you on that.

At the moment the builder team are working on a number of large projects - for us to create more large pads would require diverting significant resources that could be better used to give better roleplay to underserved and undeveloped areas of the game.

We will definitely make an announcement should this situation change.


Speaking personally I hate seeing a no-name immy with a battle fortress full of advanced tech that confers IC benefits that is a million rooms across that they got for free and I'm not allowed to take it.

Obviously I would want a large pad if I could get one but I kind of like the idea of them being tied to factions or positions or other IC stuff rather than solely a pay2win thing.

I do kinda agree with Vera here. Seeing newbies with nine month pads with five rooms kinda irks me.

But I also understand the value of memberships for keeping the game alive.

Perhaps there's a middle-ground somewhere?

Well there was discussion during a prior town hall of bringing back vehicle pads as at-will faction rewards.

I think it would be interesting if you made say, six to eight pads throughout the game and had them tied to specific NPCs or factions who could let a player live there if they'd earned it. They wouldn't be permanent. Something like, maybe the toughest ganger as determined by tournament gets one, the MVP of each syndicate and corp. Or have them tied to neighborhoods. Are you a hero to the Park? Maybe you get the Park pad, and then someone comes along and tries to out-RP you for it.

Just as long as the people who are grandfathered don't get screwed, I'm into having a merit-based or faction-based layer to it.

Classic have versus have nots.

I have 25$ to donate for a spaceship pad.

You have 0 and get nothing and get to stare in awe and anger as it floats around.

Pretty themely application boys.