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Looking for artist


So was looking for someone to draw up my character, as I've grown attached enough to her that I feel she deserves her own iteration. While I've posted plenty of 'inspiration' for her either occasionally on the moo or permanently on the image boards here, they're obviously only inspiration and now how she actually looks like.

I'm willing to pay if that's your deal!

(Side note is this alright with the admins, not sure if giving away how my character looks is IC info and all that? Just thought I'd double check)

I have a couple of artist friends who do commission work if that's any help? I can link you to their commission info & such

Yup sounds perfect!

And while I understand this -is- sindome and she could die in any second, I feel like she deserves her own little portrait, like she's well defined enough.

So we can keep this thread relevant. Does anyone else browse images when looking for character inspiration?

I browse images for character inspiration as well. I can also draw your character for you if you would like. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more about it.

It's okay with the admins. There has been much character art done.

Hm, there's one more which I'm just not finding right now. A BGBB thread which people directly uploaded character portraits to.

Linekin, I remember one we did about a month ago where we all made pixel art chibis of our characters, if that's the one you mean?

Ignore me, I can't even read links that Linekin has put up.

I love this idea so much, I'm going to start work on my own. I've not done commissioned work in a few years now, but I used to make a living at it, so maybe if you like what I produce, you can let me know if you want me to do yours.

Shin, you done anything that's already on this site? A quick search of bgbb game up with nothing.

Here's the other one I couldn't find before

Nope. Never have. All my professional artistry was several years ago. But I still have my Wacom tablet and I've plugged it in and fired up the old photochopper. So we'll see what comes out. :)

Well I only spent about 2 hours on it this evening, but it's at least a start.

There's a few easter eggs in there, for those in the know. A few shout-outs to the important people in my char's life who have been influential in their development.

I'll likely spend more time on it another day, but for now, here it is.

Daaamn! I like it!

Did more work tonight. Happy(ier) with the results. Comments are welcome, as is offers for commissioned work.

The pictures are nice, but can you please make them smaller? Or make them a thumbnail so we can see it and if we want a bigger picture we can click on it?

The sizing sucks for those of us who use the phone sometimes. ; )