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Your Character as a Little Pixel Avatar
Pretty self-explanatory

I stumbled upon a pretty extensive avatar maker for cute little pixel folk!

...and I thought it might be amusing for a bunch of us to go through and make little pixel versions of our characters! If we get enough of these made, we might be able to do some fun little project with them.

What you thinking just put them up here?


Maybe this might work


That is not at all what I wanted to post.. *Faceplam*

Try postimg or tinypic if you need a place to upload them!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I think i did it :D

Theres mine i think if this works that is xD

Closest I could get with the clothing options :P

Hair isn't really accurate.

God, I hope I did that right.


And I also found the options so awesome, I decided to design her label logo in it:

Six shots. More then enough to kill anything that moves.

Kill em with style

I haven't a character just yet, but this is a rough idea of what I have in mind:


I tried..

Try that one again...

Little Red Bow of Angering not included with game.

Had a bit of trouble with it. Due to specific things you'll have to see her in game for, it's not quite perfect.





This is the greatest thing ever!!!!!

(Original - Pretty good on it's own!)

(Quick Photoshop ...yeeeeaaaahhhh!)

There. Actually photoshopped not like total garbage.

Okay I love this awesome spite making site thing.. this is amazing.

Awwh, look at my cute little albino. :3

Hard to make a straight jacket really :P

Missing her scars and gloves but tralalala here's my character in chibi pixel form

Image didn't upload before