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Sindome habits
irl things you tend to do, that was once a character quirk

Alright, I remember a while ago we had the 'you know you're a Withmorian when' post, and that is long lost in the BGBB. But, I'd like to bring up a question with you all, to see if I'm the only one who does a few of these weird quirks.

Has anyone else managed to pick up weird habits they do irl while playing the game, or picked up a quirk irl from their or someone else's character that they can't stop doing?

A few of my own are:

Lightning a smoke ooc, when I light a smoke IC.

Cracking my knuckles in a very particular way one of my older characters did.

Slang, lots of slang. Curse words too. After a Sindome session I curse way more than usual (which, is already a lot).

Whenever I raise a certain stat on my character, I sorta practice it in real life too.

For example, when I started raising perception, I started to get very shifty-eyed in real life, trying to keep myself safe from incoming cars and traffic by looking in every possible direction at every potential driveway. And whenever I raised strength, I started doing push-ups.

Whenever I make any emotes in game (licking, winking, giggling), I also do the same in real life if no one is around watching me.

I don't like cooked meat that still has blood in it, such as rare steak. So sometimes I try to channel my inner character to get the courage to chew and swallow it down if necessary.

Closing my door as quick as possible as soon as entering and making sure it's locked to shake off that hidden stalker.

I've started opening my cigarette pack, taking a cigarette, getting out my lighter, lighting it, then putting away my lighter with the same timings as when I'm typing it on Sindome.

Nodding at random people or waving nonchalantly more often than I usually do.

+1 for slang. I've started mona, mano, flash and chummer more often now(I already used to say Aces and shiny...ect)

Not volunteering personal information.
Eating a sandwich when I'm eating a sandwich.
My husband and I went off in search of "shoes for manos" last week.

Definitely some slang words have slipped in, with mano being the biggest one.

I also have introduced some swearing into my vocabulary due to playing my character, whereas previously I never, never, never swore.

Oh, sometimes I also think in my character's accent. Very strange.
Writing in my character's accent.

Typing 'say' or 'to [person]' when I text.

Rebelling to the oppresive government and rioting.
Its taken me years to get rid of the lingo - and here I am, picking it right back up again.
Murdering my neighbors for being loud.



Going out and buying food in Sindome when I'm hungry as fuck IRL.
Waking up in the middle of the night to close my door, and then logging into sindome blearily to check that I remember to close my apartment door.
Necro posting, I know, ice me.

But, has anyone else started referring to their phone (OOCly) as their proggie yet, or is it just me?