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Sindome on a budget
Minimal hours to devote to the game

I'm trying my best to not write this as a gripe post, but how do you play SD with a limited time frame? My time frame, I can maybe play four hours total a day, and a quarter of that is broken up between maybe fifteen minute increments.Is that enough to play, when you can compare to what seems like a player base that can can do way more and consecutive?

When a minor scene, even something as small as paying tolls to a gang affiliation takes 20 minutes..not to included the ridiculous times of using the public transit systems to perform updates on a crucial part of the game as a player.. I'm running into a situation where not only can I not do what the rest of the player base can do, but my loses are way more severe because I lack the time to recover from them.

In addition, because of my limited time frame and that I have certain things that I need to do in that time frame it seems like I'm more easily targeted as well.

I have a schedule, and it's not hard to determine.. Maybe it's just how I'm taking the loses, or not factoring in that everyone else takes the same loses. Once again, it's a time versus progression thing I guess.

I've seen it stated multiple times that chyen is not the end all be all for progression, and I agree. But I've also seen posts mentioning stalking someones pad for 4+ hours to rob them and that's my play time overall.. broken up during the day. How do I even compete with that when I can't even play that long, and not only that but it's not hard to learn someones schedule when they can't play all day.

What it boils down to, as a whole is can someone with a limited time frame be successful in playing SD and I don't mean this as winning.. but actually feeling like they are doing something worthwhile in the game, and some suggestions for what they can do to maybe deal with the fact that they can't play as much as what it seems like most of the player base can?

On the positive side, if you don't play often and you log out while a person is stalking you, they'd be waiting QUITE a while until you come back, increasing the chances of you waking up to their asleep ass, xhelp staff to snap their neck, and move on.
Assuming you update your door, of course.
Thank you for somewhat affirming that, and I just kind of wanted either some way to help directed me into a way to play with limited time or to give me the nudge to just stop trying. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
I hope that was a joke.
I don't think you should stop trying.

Yes, you won't be able to put in as much time as other players. Maybe you won't be involved in this big major plot that requires you to be on for a specific time for specific hours, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Sindome.

Nobody is successful in SD and just because you don't think you aren't 'involved' in the big leagues due to time constraints it doesn't mean you are a bad player.

Thank you for your responses, and I never thought I was a bad player.. I think I'm average at best, but trying to recover from the loses when you really can't do anything due to limited time starts to suck after awhile. Week of effort foiled in a few minutes.. it drains you when it happens non-stop.
I have a good deal less time for Sindome now that I've started playing again so I can sympathize a little. Sindome can be a pretty heavy time investment if you want to get really deep into it. I'm still having fun, but you're going to have a super hard time doing anything of substance with less than 20 minutes to play for a given session. There's no way around that.
Maybe I miss worded that. I have four hours total on most days but maybe an hour when I first get up since I started waking up two hours before I go to work. Then maybe 3 small sessions during my work day, and 2 to maybe 3 hours but non- consecutive after work. It's not a big deal, and if it doesn't work out I can go find another outlet.
It all depends on your play style. There are people out there plotting in 30 minutes a day, and other sitting in bars for ten hours straight.

That's more than enough time to do things. Sure, time constraints are a bitch, and while you might not be able to be a prominent, constant figure. You can still do things on time constraints. I know there's some players around nowadays that manage on schedules similar to your own to do things, it just feels a little more rushed because you're trynna do things within time constrictions.

What I'd personally do, and what I did when I had time constraints is play fast and loose, if that sorta style fits you. Make everything you can do seem a bit more urgent. Hell, it could even make for an interesting character dynamic overall, using your ooc disadvantage as a little quirkiness. The mano/mona that does things quick, fast and loose, running with the fast paced deals and hustles that're meant to happen in Withmore.

You'd be surprised how much time our very active players spend idle. Logged in but not engaging intensely. It happens. And if even some of our most active players have a good share of down time, then I personally believe that someone with your schedule will be able to accomplish a lot.

First off, if you have specific limited times to play, you need to be super proactive. You can't afford to just hang about and wait until someone else does something cool you can join in on. You have to make things happen at your pace.

Next, Plan out your playtimes as best as you can. Don't some in to 'see what might happen'. Come in with a goal. Like, the next time I log in, I will deliver X to location Y and grindmail the details to Z. Or, the next time I log in I will got to A and ask a few people about B and generally shoot the shit until I need to head home.

Also, pick IC activities that fit well with your OOC schedule. If you know you only have 10 mins, don't go out and get in a fight and the extended RP that comes with it. Maybe call someone, SIC them or send some gridmails.

Lastly, be ready for a few losses that happen because OOC happened. If you are on your way home and HAVE to OOCly be somewhere NOW and get attacked. You'll just have to suck up that loss. Don't log off or go OOC to avoid the bad. xhelp that you have to go but are leaving your PC in play so the other parties aren't cheated. Come back and recover as best as you can.

I sincerely believe that if you have goals and make plan atomic actions related to your goals that you can hop on and execute, you can do well even with a time budget.


Totally 100% agree with Mobius there.

There are roles in the game for all activity levels.

I'm (probably) one of the more active players, and what Mobius is saying is true. There are times where I OOCly take a more reactive than proactive approach, monitoring SIC or doing low-risk RP while cooking food, doing laundry, getting in exercise, etc.

I'm in a similar situation to Malakai, between my RL job, family responsibilities and other obligations I've simply been a part of for years. I came to Sindome because I like cyberpunk and wanted to be creative again when there was a long time when I wasn't. In the past, I was able to play about twice as much as I am now and I see my time getting limited going further.

In my experience, my limited play time has not limited me from plots. Maybe my character has never been a "major player," but honestly, I don't know what that means and I don't think it's true to say that a player who plays less does not get involved in those plots. The conclusion I've come to is what you want for your character and finding enjoyment in what play you have.

Therefore, I've picked focuses that I can do and that's not a matter of settling. It's a matter of what I enjoy and spending time on those things and frankly, ignoring the rest. There's a lot of RP I've found IC reasons to say no to and I'm doing that more and more as time goes on. Even if I did have all the time in the world to play, I'm not sure if I would. For me, too much play in a game is just inviting mass amounts of bleed, and I don't know about you guys, but I've got enough challenges in my life. Sindome feels like a place that should be for story and outlet, not obligation.

To others' points, that means I have to plan a lot and use resources that the game provides to move things along when I may not be able to leave my pad otherwise (use your imagination there). I've never had a lack of enjoyment from the game due to playing only a few hours a day (or one some days, none at all). The game allows for those who do enjoy playing long hours and those who don't/can't. I like what YNK says, about there being roles for all activity levels, because I think that's true.

Bottom line, I think there's fun to be had without being "big," which again, I think is a matter of player perspective (and character perspective) for that matter.

Chiming in here, I was in a similar boat when I started up playing due to some wrist issues. Staff recommended picking roles that could be played in bursts: things like flying/driving a cab, etc. There are certain jobs where you can hop in for a minimal amount of time and provide some RP for yourself and for others too.

Alternatively, crafts like clothing, can present nice task-related RP that can get you a bit of money too.

As others mentioned, going into a session with a mindset of "I'm going to do X" can help you get in and out in 10-15 minutes. And you can save more open-ended stuff for when you have more time.

Bumping this for visibility as someone was quite concerned about not being able to play as much as others during the last town hall. Hoping the information here might be of use.
Current problem for me. Between work and family responsibilities, I can only play at work most, if not all the time and if something major comes up IRL then I'm out of luck altogether as I might have to suddenly stop playing for a while.

I'm trying to make it work but it's really difficult I find or maybe I'm not doing the right things. Not sure.

But I'll keep trying!

I didn't see this anywhere so...

What to do when you're overloaded.

When your character has more IC responsibilities than you can reasonably commit to in X hours you have available per week, it's time to be a boss / manager and outsource! Take some time away from your quests to network and find people who do have the time to do it. Then be evil and steal all the credit for it. 😈

If no PC is able to do it, you have two attractive options:

1) Say, "Acing jobs like this takes time." Then log off. You can reasonably put off a quest for 1 - 3 weeks depending on what kind of task it is. If it takes more than 3 weeks for you to do it, just save yourself some trouble and decline the quest. Apologize and say you got too many jobs as is.

2) Bug an NPC to do it. There exist (somewhere, allegedly) NPCs that are pros at each task PCs can do, which can be recruited for quests if no PC of that archetype / job is available.

If you can't ICly afford the resources to outsource, just decline the quest and move on.

Gah, calling them "quests" is cringey. This isn't that kind of game and I think it's harmful at worst, misleading at best, to suggest that it is.
Regardless of vernacular, I think the points that ynk made is extremely valid. Outsource and set expectations for your RP. Or do what I've had to do a lot and just start saying no and keep to the things you have the most fun with what time you have.
Yeah I think ynk is right on, and was being cheeky.

It can be hard to know when to say no in SD, especially when work/money/RP can come in unpredictably and you have serious FOMO on something, but then end up overloaded, stressed out OOCly, burned out, your character can't deliver, etc. It's important to learn what you have the ability to handle with whatever your playtime is.

If your playtime is really scant, I think you can still contribute meaningful RP, it's just going to be a bit more challenging, and your character might need to be more of a delegater/string puller than handling a lot of things directly.

Two things come to my mind on this subject.

There are things that a character can do at any time. These things will produce a predictable amount of chyen. These are the "grind" / automated things that are available in the game. Depending on where your character is based, there are different options.

There are one off opportunities. One off opportunities are either things that your character does to help out another character. Or things that your character wants to hire / entice another character to do.

If I were on a limited time budget, I would always plan on doing the automated things. I would know that within a certain amount of time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.) … I can likely log on and accomplish X number of tasks that will net me Y amount of chyen. The longer you play the game, the more of these tasks you will become aware of. You will then be able to focus on the highest paying tasks first.

While working on those automated tasks, I would remain aware of opportunities to help other characters. Log on and let your contacts know that you're around. If something comes up during your logon window, be willing to drop your automated task to help out the character. This might even involve a "loss" of chy if you have to abandon a certain task. But odds are the task you are getting paid for will net you more overall chyen.

So much of the second type of tasks, those involve other characters, are totally situational. My experience has been that due to timing, they more often than not do NOT work out. Someone doesn't show up, for whatever reason, and the task ends up getting canceled. But you have to keep trying because when they do pay off, they pay off. Also, you build the reputation of being reliable (within your limited ability to be there.) Those who are reliable tend to get asked to help first.

Fun fact: That link contains the precursor/genesis/origin-story of "Help Chastity".

Other than that, it underscores the "search before posting" best-practice, and it includes some info not covered yet in this topic.

One that I like is, train your chooms to use gridmail, or let them drift away as you discover who does use gridmail.

Yes, because Sindome can be incredibly immersive, I chose the less-desirable vernacular intentionally, as a way of stepping back into the real world, to help show the difference between the everyday struggle of trying to reach lofty long-term goals, and playing Sindome. 😉
Regarding outsourcing to NPCs:

Keep in mind that NPCs are not here to play the game for you. Sometimes you might be in a role that grants a certain level of NPC support and sometimes you can go to an NPC expert for training or to hire them for specific tasks. But us GMs are not going to puppet NPCs hours every day to accomplish a laundry list of tasks PCs gave to them. In most cases NPCs will tell you to fuck off should you try to pull this.

Regarding automated tasks being the best thing for time budgets:

If your goal is to earn credits in the most boring and low impact yet reliable way possible, yes. This might be the best use of limited time. If your goal is to create a fun and interesting story that impacts as many players as possible, I would disagree entirely. I would suggest you spend your limited time interfacing with other characters. Building relationships. Creating in others a feeling of debt or the desire to help your character. Because, unlike NPCs, you are encouraged to find way to give other PCs tasks and missions.

(Edited by Mobius at 6:58 am on 3/12/2020)

Play Sindome by post!

For some reason I was thinking earlier today back to when I had to figure this "playing on a time budget" stuff out.

Anyone familiar with PBP?

I haven't done it, but I know about it, and something made me connect my old gridmailing habits to the "play by post" idea. Spend half an hour making a few moves, check back for responses later, and keep things moving.

So I'll start by saying that I am ancient and have been roleplaying before there were MUDs/MOOs/what have you. Play-by-post was how I started via forums! So it's extremely viable. I've never tried it in Sindome, but I can definitely see it working, especially if you have a job or some real life responsibility where the past you can do is write a gridmail or something like that.
I was in the same boat as you, OP... I had very little time to invest in the game with my character, but I somewhat built my character around that, and in the rough, drug-addled shape he was in... he was gone.

Basically, I had major stuff going on in my life and I had to give it up, which was to my dismay and potentially the mods and/or people here that were interacting with my character, but that's life. I do think it made sense for how off the rails my character was going.

I don't feel like I've "lost" anything by starting anew, because my character had his arc, and it was time for it to be over.