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Sindome Snopes Feedback


Transparency is great. I appreciate that you took the time to clear up some of the long-standing the gripes which seem to weigh down the community.

That being said, a lot of document seems to be you addressing about situations that you were personally involved in.

I think it would be a lot more impactful and lend some additional credence to the document if another admin who was involved in your mistakes posted their thoughts and reasoning for why the situations that you were involved in were adjudicated in the way that they were.

That's a nice thought, Hek, but Johnny's the only one still around form way back then and he's not a GM.

If present-day GMs don't have anything to say about misconduct on Slither's part, do you assume there's nothing to say or do you assume he's suppressing it? Because that's what it sounds like you think.

Yeah, there aren't really staff around from back then besides Johnny. I sent this doc to every admin currently in the game before posting it and asked for their feedback and thoughts and for them to weigh in where they felt it would be useful, and that is represented in what is said. So while it is written semi-autobiographical, it isn't just me writing it. I'll give Johnny a ping and see if he wants to run through it again and offer his viewpoints.

My thoughts are more or less the exact opposite of what you have assumed they are. I've been nothing but impressed with @slither in the rest of the staff here since I started playing.

When I was reading what @slither wrote, I was putting myself in the mindset of one of the detractors who have made it their mission in life to trash-talk this place. From that perspective, the main criticism that I could picture them raising is what I brought up.

One of the things that I find most impressive about Slither is his ability to speak openly about his own faults. Not just that, but to do it over and over again.

Most people don't want to speak in a public forum about their own faults. And even those who do, they generally want to do it just once and put it behind themselves. For example, look at the last part of the file that slither put together where he is talking to HolyChrome. Her mindset is more typical, where she talked about the past as something that needs to be forgotten and that she would rather not speak about.

That wasn't at all the context, Hek.

I was more than willing to discuss it, and still am now, but it also happened two years ago which is why I couldn't remember more specifics. Slither asked if I wanted to disclose this so it could be made public. And I hope people see it and realize the sort of toxic mess discussion of things OOC can lead to.

Haven't really gotten around to saying it, but... might as well say it here.

Nothing but good things to say about the current Sindome staff, based on my experiences thus far.

My only complaint is that it's not called Sinsnopes.

I think it's good to have an official response to it all. A game that's been around this long is bound to have a lot of rumors and myths running around it.

I also have had nothing but great experiences with the staff here. I appreciate the transparency from Slither and found it very helpful with understanding some of the narratives that have been passed around.
[/i]My thoughts are more or less the exact opposite of what you have assumed they are.[/i]

I didn't assume that, I was trying to say that that was what you sounded like - as in, maybe you weren't aware how it was coming off.

I guess that puts us both in the same boat.

Thank you to all the staff that make Sindome the best!!