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Spotify Year End Wrapup
Do the thinggg!!

Step 1: Do the thing

Step 2: Post screenshot

Step 3: win

I listen to non-mainstream music 139% more than the average Spotify user!

Here is mine

apparently I like indie rock

Apparently I like Pop Punk?
Second try;

@Slither 165%, ya normie fuck

I like Infected mushroom.

Y'all need to listen to more music.

twenty one pilots yikes
Mine is vanilla as heck

We doing this again this year?

I feel this is kind of oversharing but also its almost an ironic meme. Enjoy.

Iggy Azalea - my dirtiest secret

The fluff is Indietronica? *squints*

How are you guys pulling this? Might be because I use a chromebook but I'm just seeing my playlists, not these handy dandy images.
My 2019 wrapped.

My decade wrapped.

@Dovecage - You have to screenshot the very last page. For me it was 16/16. I just used Snipping Tool and uploaded to Imgur.