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Staff Kudos
Organizing Chaos

I wanted to take a moment to thank a couple of staffers who have really helped me adapt to playing on Sindome and grow as a player to create a more believable and well rounded character.

As we all know, playing here involves tackling a very steep learning curve. Despite having played games like this in one form or another for decades, I still manage to trip over myself and make pretty major mistakes here.

For me, seeing the yellow text of an xhelp and an admin popping up out of nowhere for a discussion is way more anxiety causing than the red wall of combat scroll. More often than not, it means I have made a major enough mistake that the admins need to step in and set things right.

I do not envy the admins for having to balance being permissive and understanding enough to allow people to learn a purposefully obfuscated game engine / world, while being alert and strict enough to keep things from going off the rails.

I don't know about the rest of you, but taking critiques and criticisms is never a pleasant experience for me. Even less so when it happens during my leisure time when I am trying to have fun and play make believe. Yet in order to mesh with the world of Withmore as a new player, I have to remain open to corrections and realize that I am making mistakes.

With all that said, I really appreciate the patience and guidance that Dreamer and Storm have shown me during my time here. They have constantly been willing to take the time to not just point out where I mess up, but to understand what I am trying to do. By developing that understanding, they are always able to coach me into the "right" way to do things.

I appreciate the oversight and guidance because it is that human touch that makes Sindome what it is. Without the staff in place to enforce the theme, Sindome would likely devolve into a complex MUD where one dimensional "characters" were running around murdering NPCs and each other. But because of the staff, Sindome is alive and breathing. It is a carefully considered, complex world full of opportunities... and consequences.

A big thank you to the staff. Those of you who I interact with (perhaps too frequently) and those of who you toil away behind the scenes. This is the best text based game I have ever played. And it is only the best because the staff does a great job of cultivating and developing good players.

Chiming in here with a hearty 100% agreement. I've had great experiences with staff and how they've made every corner of this game come alive. I don't get an option to say thanks publicly, so...THANKS!
Never forget you can xhelp to tell the staffers how much you appreciate them, they won't ban you for that. <3
Hek, I'm glad you had a good experience! Those damn yellow letters can be so stressful sometimes!

Jumping on the bandwagon here, staff is absolutely the reason I'm still here. A few months ago, I reached a point of frustration and just general "I'm not having fun" that I xhelped as a last ditch effort before killing my character off and leaving. Staff sat with me, allowed me to vent, and gave me solutions to every problem I raised, as well as just comfort and being understanding. The fact that this staff member (you know who you are) sat with me as long as he did meant a lot. I was able to turn my characters life around and now I love this game.

Reach out to staff, guys. I think they really do have a great balance between what's best for the players and what's best for the game, which is not an easy task. To Ergo's point, thank them. As being staff in other games, you have no idea how wonderful that is to hear.

Also in the "staff are awesome vein," rely on their awesomeness, and if you're about to do something remotely debatable, I recommend asking staff for permission instead of asking for forgiveness. I avoided really screwing up the game twice that I can think of, and the explanations both times were really helpful. In the circumstance where I xhelped asking for a quick ruling because an affirmative one quickly would have been helpful for game reasons, I got it.
I totally agree.. I'm sure I've frustrated GMs more than a few times. Thank you peeps for volunteering and helping us, for the awesome RP and for especially when we mess up.