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The Grind

I've been around for a bit, and I've loved this game since step one. Even when I stumbling around trying to find SHI. I love the stories people tell with each other, the characters they create, and y'know - cyberpunk.

In the last few months my PC has gotten to a point where other PC's actually want things from them. With that has come a kind of revolving door of 'I need to do X, then Y, then call B about E.' I have a lot of RL responsibilities, especially in regards to work, how do you guys keep Sindome from feeling like a second job? (Those of you for whom this actually isn't your second job, of course. :) )

I just try to stick to RP that I enjoy and avoid RP that I don't.
It's hard to balance sometimes. You get addicted. If you don't have that kind of time, try to avoid getting addicted to it, and just play it to enjoy it. Cut down on your hours if you have to.
Turn down work that seems too time consuming. A pretty common phrase that gets tossed around also would be "I'm going to be out of Central for a while" AKA, I'm not going to be playing Sindome, so don't count on me for anything.

Also, I would say if certain part of your character's existence is feeling grindy to you, just abandon it. Create an IC drive for your character to do things that you personally find more entertaining. It is a game, after all, make sure it's fun for you, not just profitable for your character.

If you stay feeling the grind then you're at the point that you probably need to bring on an immy to do some of your work for you.

Always have a goal in mind.

Be ready to screw people over.

Get that chy.

All wonderful responses. Thanks. Sometimes I feel like either my PC can't turn down the job for IC personality reasons, or IC goals. It may be that though I thought originally how I wanted to play the game isn't where I've experienced the most fun. I may need to rethink the jobs I take. But, maybe I can see if my PC can find an IC motivation to pass parts of the jobs off to immy's, or possibly try and see if I can find motivations to change where they think their goals are at.
I gleefully terrorize the lot of you and that livens things right up.
This is a great topic. Since cyberpunk often revolves a lot about how much money a character does or doesn't have, I think it's perfectly natural for it to feel like a second job at times -- especially if your character is becoming overworked!

On the one hand, it's lovely to have more RP thrown at you than you have time for. I remember when I first came, I struggled to find RP a little bit and then something happened and BAM, I could easily play 12 hours a day if I wanted to get to everything. On the other hand, I think it's important to remember that Sindome is a game that you chose/choose to play for your own enjoyment. I don't think anything you're choosing for enjoyment should feel like a grind.

Allow this to be an opportunity for character growth. Maybe your character agreed to do something when things were slow; now they're not slow and they need to reconsider what's important to them and tell others to fuck right the hell off (your mileage may vary on how good of an idea that is). In the end, as others have said, chose the RP you want to spend time on and either ignore or get out of the RP you don't. I would hate for players to quit because they were feeling like the game was no longer a game.

I just ran into the same situation personally. Where as I previously had a fair amount of time to play, RL threw me a curveball and I had to pass on an amazing IC opportunity because of it.

Just like with life, it is super important to trust your intuition and remain aware of your stress levels. Even "good" stress like having a lot of opportunity to get more deeply involved in something fun can ultimately wear you down.

I really like the idea of passing "work" off onto immigrants / other characters. Just keep in mind that sometimes managing other people is equally or even more stressful than doing something yourself. A good middle ground there can be playing the match maker. Offer to connect the person needing the work done with someone else who you trust to get it done. If you're greedy, take a cut for the introduction.

Typically housing costs are one of the biggest "grindy" motivating factors. There are IC ways around this, and there's also membership, which grants a bit of breathing room.

I had extremely limited playtime when I first started, so I chose an activity that I could enjoy, even if other players weren't around. See if you can "find your happy" in a similar way.

Nothing wrong with a break either. Actually, taking a break can increase your fun, because people may have more biz for you when you're around less, you can pick and choose, which feels cool.

Nah that's an awful reason to not take break. Don't ever feel peer or game-pressured into sticking into things if you're not having fun. It's game. If it's going to be a longer break, try and wrap up things best you can. But if it's a few days just duck. If it's a week or two drop a couple gridmails and phone calls about biz in another sector and then duck. Yeah there might be consequences but that's the game.