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The Sindome Corporation

Hey Everyone!

I've got some excellent news for you. Over the past 20 years we've grown from an idea into one of the longest running persistent and free games on the internet. It's been a great ride so far and we're far from done. Our player base continues to grow and many of you have made super generous donations which allow us to advertise and keep the servers running. With that in mind, we recently took some steps to solidify the organization.

One of the biggest steps we've taken is to form a 'social club' in the eyes of the United States government, which allows us to have c7 non-profit status. That allows us to take in 'dues' tax free due to the fact that we are putting it toward the club. Sindome has always been a non profit labor of love, and that is now official in the eyes of the government.

In doing this, we had to adhere to some regulations and write some bylaws, which are basically an extension of our @rules. It was funny, while we were doing this we realized that we already met about 90% of the expectations the Fed has for an organization like ours. We already structure ourselves in certain ways, and have bylaws in our own right. Now they're more official.

Each and every (non banned) person reading this who has a character, will be considered an 'Associate Member'. That's basically a member in good standing with the organization. You'll have to agree to some terms and to abide our rules, but these were things you were already agreeing to simply by playing, or as part of the social contract that playing the game puts you in. This agreement will be presented to you on your characters page when we roll everything out. You'll have time to read through it before it becomes a mandatory part of playing the game. It will however, be mandatory at a certain point. Basically, you agree to abide by the rules of the game.

There continues to be no fee for playing Sindome. However, there are several types of membership that now exist. Those of you that have donated $25 in the last six months, or $40 or $200 in the last 12 months will be 'Club Members'. Instead of continuing to take ad hoc donations, our new membership levels are considered 'membership dues' and will entitle you to basically the same benefits that you were already seeing. 'Club Members' will also have access to a specialized @ooc lounge on top of the benefits they were already seeing.

There are some other things we are codifying in our bylaws, which include Staff Member positions, twice yearly town halls, and…

Well, you folks are an integral part of the game and we want you to be represented in the actions taken by the admin. Town Halls are great for us to suss out major issues with the game, get feedback, and act on it. We want to take that a step forward by allowing the election of a group of players to form the Club Membership Committee which will meet several times a year to discuss issues and solutions that will then be presented to the Staff. Each town hall, and perhaps in the days before and after, every player will have the ability to vote on who they think should be on the committee.

This should help the game to continue to grow as large issues can be brought to the attention of the staff after discussion among the elected players. I image this will be used as a way of raising OOC issues with the game, solutions, requests, and other such things. Sort of an evolution of the Town Hall, which features everyone. No one is required to vote if they don't want to and they can always decide not to accept a position on the committee if they wish.

I know I've just info dumped a lot of stuff on you. We've got more details forthcoming and you'll be kept appraised each step of the way. I welcome feedback and suggestions with regards to this-- but please keep the following in mind: what we've done is an extension of the way we've grown in an Out of Character way. None of the steps we've taken will change how you already interact with the game in any way. We aren't pulling the rug out, we aren't enacting crazy changes that will pivot the game. We're simply writing down all the stuff we already abide by and getting everyone to buy-in on the rules we already have in place. On top of that we are renewing our commitment to providing you the best possible community to act out all your delicious cyberpunk desires.

Great news and lovely change!

Congrats and thanks for all the work you folks do! <3

<3 Love it
Hey folks, with the new Sindome Corporation stuff we've added in a handy new FAQ page ( ) for you so that you know what's what with your Membership.

If you think there's any questions that need to be added to it then please let us know so we can get it updated to keep you informed on the changes and how they affect you.


Been wanting to sponsor Sindome for a bit now and I got to be the first to try out the Club Membership. Glad I could be a part of this.

Thanks Johnny!

Disclaimer: I've been temped to donate heavily in the past, with IC perks being a strong motivation for it. Whether I've actually done it or not is a private matter.

The elimination of permapads is fantastic in my opinion. Red Sector for instance is cluttered in permapads that people gain with unjustifiably easy RP, with lots of amazing/unique perks, to the point where only RL poor players really pay rent normally in the long run. Even worse, it seems that a lot of those permapads are abandoned but can't be reused for someone else in case the player returns. At least now at most you get one year free of rent.

It'll still mean that people will be encouraged to donate instead of ICly working for money (because it highlights the issue that for some, the game turns into a money grind at times). Not even mentioning that some people buy rent/permapads for others, and some own more than one. People turn to pads mainly because rent is expensive; donating chars save a large amount of money (or huge if living in some particular apartments); money matters a lot; non donating chars are at a certain disadvantage. If you ask me, the rent perks for donations need to be sharply slashed.

Club Membership (and donating in the first place) should be it's own reward if you ask me. No IC perks. Or just give a small amount of free rent.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Didn't mean to come off as aggressive or whiny BTW! I just wanted to state my thoughts in a clear and concise manner.

I love Sindome, I love you guys :)

So wait, no more permapads? That's kind of sad, I was really looking forward to getting one when my character was ready.
Perma pads are gone, but from what I understand, 25-40$ donation pads, are not. They just require additional donates to renew rent time.
Pretty sure perma pads are not actually gone, chums. I signed in as a club member and the option for one is still there, thankfully. That makes me super happy cause I was kind of upset about that.
They said on ooc-chat that perma pads are gone.

I think the donation page just hasn't been updated yet...

Oh nevermind... I see the option, too.
Johnny must have just updated it. I didn't see it earlier when I became a member.
Well now I feel a little silly.
Just a smidge?
According to math, perma pads are still needed to fund 50% of our expenses. Without permas, we'd need twice as many Club Members as we're starting out with. While I have faith that we can have more Club Members, I don't know that doubling the numbers are a realistic expectation.

We might only present the $200 option for a limited window to reach our funding goal and then remove it as an option until the following year.

Other ideas like custom perma pets or finishing moves are being explored, but nothing concrete has settled yet.

The first two tiers of membership fee's are a bit low if you ask IMHO.
Let me think a few more not-so-IC perks

-exclusive @shortdesc options

-exclusive hairstyles

-exclusive colors

-first access to new game features

-more than 20 macros

-more than 2 puppet requests

-more than 50 SIC keys

-instead of free rent, offer free cheapish furtniture (which has a more limited impact in the game's economy)

-customized unique items, but not more powerful in any way

Et cetera.

Ability to edit automatic combat emotes, too. Within reason and with supervision.
I don't agree that rent money is a grind. If you are a corpie, you probably have some or all of your housing paid for by your corporation ICly.

If you live on Red, you need to pay 910c a week for a cube to live in that is safe, easy to get to, and a place to put your gear and sleep without too much worry. Cubes also have the added benefit of having a shorter than average length of renting so you can get new cubes more often and thus not let folks know where you live.

Perma-pads are customized and do have additional benefits, but we've always said that anything you can get through a donation you can also get through RP. There are ways to acquire cool pads with cool features, without paying IRL money.

I like some of the suggestions-- like hairstyes, shortdesc, and furniture. I think those are potentially doable (though obviously something that would need to be discussed).

Things that offer an unfair IC advantage:

* first access to new game features

* more than 20 macros

* more than 2 puppet requests

* more than 50 sic keys

Those are things we need to stay away from or we are moving into pay to win territory.

Also... you have FIFTY sic keys? Jesus christ. Maybe we need to make them more expensive!!

-- S

Also... you have FIFTY sic keys? Jesus christ. Maybe we need to make them more expensive!!

Way to go kuzco. :p