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Things that remind me of Sindome...
What reminds YOU of Sindome?

Here are some things that remind me of Sindome.

HubWeek in Boston has a twofer. I'm talking GEODESIC DOMES and an entrance made out of SHIPPING CONTAINERS. #cyberpunk

And then there's this Geodesic Dome AirBnB I stayed in in Vermont.

This was a real sign that was inside it. I swear to Bob.

Saw this on my way home from the train in Cambridge...

Abandoned parking garage by my apartment...

The discerning eye will see why I posted this one...

Then we got these geodesic sticky notes... bad ass.

What reminds you of Sindome?

My friend is an architect and the repurposed shipping container craze drives him crazy because they make horrible building material. They have like zero insulation and a jillion problems that make them more expensive and less practical in every case. They're just kind of room shaped already and that's all they've got going for them.
Everything you just said is exactly what qualifies them as the living spaces of our dystopian future.
Especially how they're literally trash and well-meaning wealthy people keep trying to turn them into living spaces for the poor. =D
A haircut to die for(ever)
LOL excellent.
Places that remind me, although this is very dark:

- The danger of a deep urban street. Detroit, Philly, Chicago - that's Red. Looking over your shoulder all the time when you walk. Identifying the person nearest you and assessing how much of a threat they are, especially if their face is covered. Always having an escape plan when you are in an unfamiliar setting. The faint, ever-present anger of having nothing but dust in your hands for a life, and the resentment that grows when you see others doing better than you.

- Slowly dying (physically/emotionally) of poverty. You get sick and can't get to a doc. Some things are dirty; you just accept it. You see people with bugs crawling on them and they have a resigned look on their face, and that look on their face is appalling to you because you're afraid that might be your future.You take drugs or alcohol to forget because it's the easiest to get your hands on. Small things that make you happy can be big. Small things that make you sad can make you feel utterly helpless. Hey... was your skin always this green? You don't remember anymore.

- The justification and disconnect of transitioning to a better life. You're in shock at first. New things, such clean and new things are unfamiliar to you. It feels sanitized and you get a pang of guilt of having so much of everything available for consumption. You realize you should have been this way all along. You feel angry at yourself for defending your old way of life. You start to wonder why some don't try to better themselves too, and angry at those who hold others back in that old setting. Or maybe you forget entirely and in a want to purge your old memories like a packed-away box, and you demonize poverty itself and those who are stuck in it.

- "Poverty is not a crime -- it is suffering."

So...this happened today. My partner went to do me a solid while I was dealing with some paperwork and offered to post a citation on a unit at one of our prominent gang apartment complexes. It's renowned for shootings, drugs...very pleasant environment for anyone in any position of law enforcement (NOT). Anyways, he calls me that he's there and posting and then ten minutes later calls me back in a panic because the adjacent unit next to him just blew up. Windows exploding around him and doors-blowing-off explosion. I heard later that when he called on the radio for assistance, he sounded like a pre-pudescent girl yelling for backup. I have now nicknamed him 'Screech'. All I could think was 'welcome to the Mix, BAKA."

here's the article for any non-believers heh.

And, one was injured. Unless you consider a grown man's pride a casualty.

This guy from Black Panther.

Thrift store chic looking chummers carrying big ass sound systems around central Brussels on trolleys or backpacks, blasting their street music to the corpie masses. Some even have instruments like electric guitars hooked up so they can grace you with their talent for noise rock.

Beggars with cheap or even high end but out of fashion electronic devices, browsing the net on the city's test run of IRISnet, a city-wide free wifi service with a totally not suspicious name or logo and very trustworthy corporate backing.

That in Brussels, as a common citizen, you can't change the style of your street-facing WINDOWS without jumping through legal hoops like a scalded monkey, but big construction companies can go over the height limit for their buildings without repercussions. When the ironically named Bellevue (Nice View) building is discovered to have a great angle into a building it wasn't supposed to on its illegal top floors, instead of doing anything that would upset the construction company, what happens? The government changes the WINDOWS with bulletproof ones and adds blinds to the offices. The important ones, anyway. Screw the wage slaves. Let their tax money pay for corporate bullshit and let them rot.

Immigrants from Africa getting dropped off at random in Brussels when their drivers encounter the smallest inconvenience on the most direct route to the embassy. Good luck getting help at 9PM when you're black and look like a crazy-ass mixer unless you bump into an unracist chummer to help you out.

Any corpie advertisement these days. They speak volumes about the kind of people the corps think their clients are.

These are all ecksellent. Good job. That's crazy about the explosion!

I feel this needs no introduction or explanation. Just... flashbacks...

Walking around the low-income parts of Bangkok always makes me think of the Mix. Easy to imagine the highways above are actually higher levels of Withmore...
I didn't know he was in the Still Life universe.

A friend passed me this blogger's horror story of selling Younique makeup products. I took a read of it and it fully documents someone turning into a money-hungry person, only to realize what they've become and attempt to get out of it.

A near-corpie experience. Even has undercutting and backstabbing with business practices! A great read if you want some corpie lit.

Fifteen blog entry "chapters" but pretty fun and thorough. Hope it inspires someone a little.


Didn't know where else to post this, but this reminds me of when UMC comes.

A summary of a book about how terrorist organizations are extremely difficult to run. A quote at the end: 'As the alleged chief of the Palestinian group Black September wrote in his memoir, “diehard extremists are either imbeciles or traitors.”'

I had no idea we were getting it so right.

My husband handed this to me and called me a trash golem. I giggled.

This post was about Philly, but its crime supercut, complete with lots(!) of walking naked people, reminded me of SD.


Friend of mine linked this this other day.

Randomly stumbled onto this video, totally reminded me of SD:

Let's see if I can do this properly.

Saw this while at work the other day. My partner didn't understand why I giggled and said 'Acalumpa!'

Not sure if you ever heard of this, but this is an arena in our capital (Stockholm) in Sweden;

It is literally called 'The Globe'. It's where we run the Swedish Eurovision ('Melodifestivalen') every year.

Bumping - saw this at work and first thought was "WCS to New Rose Dumpster"

*and, yes. I did stop and check...he wasn't dead. Just...napping...or so he said*

i get reminded of sindome whenever my boss at work bullies me and tries to intimidate me
SD captures the realism of being afraid and never feeling safe.

Lady arrives from the south.

A stocky hooded mano arrives from the south.

Lady punches in a code on the door leading west.

A stocky hooded mano knocks on the door leading east.

Lady opens the door leading west.

Lady starts heading west.

A stocky hooded mano starts heading west.

Lady goes west.

The door leading west closes.

A stocky hooded mano hits his face against the door to the west.

A stocky hooded mano goes south.

Husband was watching some DnD-ish movie today about tabletop gaming (The Gamers and The Gamers II: Dorkness Rising). A scene happens with a series of roll checks for someone trying to steal a bunch of stuff off an npc. Weapons, money, and then his pants.

I start to rant-- "What about the other npcs there? They just trashed that place, now everyone will know what they did. Why aren't they attacked by anyone? The bartender serves them after stealing a guy's pants??" Husband says I'm rules lawyering.

I say, "No. I play Sindome, dude."

Oh my goodness, Supermarket! I watched that in the background at a friend's place. I came in near the end of one of them where they're fudging things with a cat on the table.

The part that really got to me (which nobody else who was watching seemed to empathise with) was where the lady made the wish to bring the NPC back to life and then got negged by the group, the one asshole with the gross facial hair being like "You could have wished for anything, ultimate power, and you brought some useless garbage back to life? Why did I think it was a good idea to bring you to play? You ruin everything!"

And she shoots back, "It's what my character would do!"

That was such a powerful scene in an otherwise silly movie.

Mix Monas and Their Manos Be Like

Yo I think this Twitterbot plays SD. Also it's hungry and needs a runner.

The joy life be like...

You a bad bitch, come and get your rent paid

While out clothes shopping I found this top that fits right in with Withmore culture.

And it posted sideways. Brilliant. Las Vegas "Mole People"

This is some real inspiration for the lowest of the low characters in sindome lol.

The mix is really trendy on twitter.
The mix is really trendy on twitter.

Couldn't tell if they were bio-modded.
RheaGhe, inciting a riot is a crime. Please report to the Hall of Justice immediately.
We're the rats~

Delightfully awful. Need support for ramming with cars.

Keep seeing Sindome characters in this... It's awesome.

Sorry if it's already been shared. Wage slave life ♡

"Happiness" by Steve Cutts

@Rhea: I could name all 5 Sindome characters I saw. 🤣
@Rhea: dayum. That video was filled with character inspiration!
Woman organized 'medieval duel' to the death between husband and lover.

Husband stabbed 35 times in the neck chest and shoulder by lover.

35 times?? What are they, immies?
Police say a man found dead in a Tokyo suburb last Saturday was probably targeted for the case full of money he carried around and showed to everyone he met.

Couple hustling selling tickets to heaven

"We just wanted to go to space and do drugs."

You and every other corpie.

Saedor-Krupp press release for their latest death weapon:


Okay, I haven't read this thread much before, but the stuff I've just watched and read is way too true for Sindome. I nearly just spit up Sprite on my monitor.
How I imagine NLM music videos:

Whoops, my bad.

Wow, that was so Sindome! 😮

Even has Blitz Laundry.

Ha, that place is way too shiny to be Blitz Laundry.

I imagine Blitz Laundry to be a rent-by-the-minute, overcharge-for-soap stompvat filled with lightly-filtered cess, next to a bandit duct tapped off the exhaust vent from the sector correctional facility's kitchen hood fans.

Talk about getting a brand out there...
I have no idea why someone said this in a totally unrelated game, but...

Haaa! ynk. Love it.
The semantics of legality on SIC[//url]

When NLM, VS, and the WJF work together *beautiful rainbows*

The latest 6 image collage on the Cyberpunk 2077 Instagram feed reminds me of the WJF checkpoints at Cordoba Station.


The phrase, "Corporate mixer" always makes me confused for just a moment.
You could change a couple words and this could read like a grid thread: [youtube]2IK-ttwltD0[/youtube]

You could change a few words and this would read like a grid thread.


All Forums > Wanted >

Now Hiring

» Seeking mortal foe

I'm looking to match wits with someone with plans, yet still gon' get your ass kicked.

I'm searching for that man, I need one to be the ganger to my lawman.

Tell me are you clever and cool?

Do you want to force the dome up under your rule?

Are you at least 5'8? It's rather specific but this I can't break.

About me, I'm Withmore's savior. Vanilla ice cream is my favorite flavor.

And I work a 9 to 5, so I'd like to fight crime from like 6-9.

Are you evil? Tell me, how's your laugh?

I'm seeking someone with a troubled past. "Destroy the world" is all you desire.

And it's pic for pic, no face then no reply.

~/DrAwkward @ [Fri Oct 2 2105 19:28:33]$

Hey there, I saw your ad is that position filled yet?

If not, please consider me and my specific skill set.

Eager, self-starter, diabolical, scary mad.

I'm the type of man you're looking for - Very Bad.

Verbose, sociopathic, yeah I'm a sexy brute.

Just under six feet, just over in my Xo3-suit

You should see my island lair, it's kind of a holy place, collection of bloody capes, displayed in a trophy case.

Tell me, do you roll with a team or only solo so far?

You've got a sidekick? Cool I've got a crowbar, and a masters in murder with a minor in killing.

My favorite sound's a tie between exploding buildings and crying children

Weaknesses? Hmm.. I guess it's hand to hand combat

But my henchmen will handle that end of the contract.

I look forward to this, hit me up if we're a match.

P.S. Hahaha! How's that? Pics and references attached

~/STDarklord@[Sat Oct 3 2105 03:11:55]$

Dear Mr. Darklord, thank you for your interest.

I was ecstatic when I read about your henchmen!

You've got plenty of fight alone, I trust, referenced GenTek, that was a nice touch.

Honestly sir, I'd love to meet. Maybe we can get together for a bite to eat. I know a wonderful place, it would be my treat, and we can finish out the night with a little bit of JUSTICE.

~/DrAwkward @[Sat Oct 3 2105 03:16:12]$

All that formatting didn't pan out how I'd hoped. Anyway this is the song I meant to link:

this is so theme, it hurts

hurts with laughter

One character's catch phrase from 2 years ago, spotted in the wild.