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Things that remind me of Sindome...
What reminds YOU of Sindome?

Here are some things that remind me of Sindome.

HubWeek in Boston has a twofer. I'm talking GEODESIC DOMES and an entrance made out of SHIPPING CONTAINERS. #cyberpunk

And then there's this Geodesic Dome AirBnB I stayed in in Vermont.

This was a real sign that was inside it. I swear to Bob.

Saw this on my way home from the train in Cambridge...

Abandoned parking garage by my apartment...

The discerning eye will see why I posted this one...

Then we got these geodesic sticky notes... bad ass.

What reminds you of Sindome?

My friend is an architect and the repurposed shipping container craze drives him crazy because they make horrible building material. They have like zero insulation and a jillion problems that make them more expensive and less practical in every case. They're just kind of room shaped already and that's all they've got going for them.

Everything you just said is exactly what qualifies them as the living spaces of our dystopian future.

Especially how they're literally trash and well-meaning wealthy people keep trying to turn them into living spaces for the poor. =D

A haircut to die for(ever)

LOL excellent.

Places that remind me, although this is very dark:

- The danger of a deep urban street. Detroit, Philly, Chicago - that's Red. Looking over your shoulder all the time when you walk. Identifying the person nearest you and assessing how much of a threat they are, especially if their face is covered. Always having an escape plan when you are in an unfamiliar setting. The faint, ever-present anger of having nothing but dust in your hands for a life, and the resentment that grows when you see others doing better than you.

- Slowly dying (physically/emotionally) of poverty. You get sick and can't get to a doc. Some things are dirty; you just accept it. You see people with bugs crawling on them and they have a resigned look on their face, and that look on their face is appalling to you because you're afraid that might be your future.You take drugs or alcohol to forget because it's the easiest to get your hands on. Small things that make you happy can be big. Small things that make you sad can make you feel utterly helpless. Hey... was your skin always this green? You don't remember anymore.

- The justification and disconnect of transitioning to a better life. You're in shock at first. New things, such clean and new things are unfamiliar to you. It feels sanitized and you get a pang of guilt of having so much of everything available for consumption. You realize you should have been this way all along. You feel angry at yourself for defending your old way of life. You start to wonder why some don't try to better themselves too, and angry at those who hold others back in that old setting. Or maybe you forget entirely and in a want to purge your old memories like a packed-away box, and you demonize poverty itself and those who are stuck in it.

- "Poverty is not a crime -- it is suffering."