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TinTin++ Troubleshooting
Strange client issues that others may have experienced?

I've discovered that feeds aren't showing up in XHELP yellow anymore through the web client, so there's yet another TinTin++ oddity for me to work around. I figured I would throw some of these issues out there to see if anyone else has experienced them.

Cyberware colors don't return to normal properly.

The two presentations I've noticed with this issue are chrome descriptions not returning to chrome coloration after a color change, as pictured, and also that tattoos which follow chrome-colored descriptions become white instead of @skintone. It's all very strange.

Traceback corrupts all on-screen text until client restart.

This one I couldn't provide a sample for, because the text is completely normal in logs, but some character combination received by the client from traceback errors turns the whole screen into apparently random illegible unicode characters. I've tried reading back the text of a traceback log inside the client and nothing happens, so it's something specific sent by the server at the time doing it. Maybe a malformed line break or something.

Device feeds render in AR yellow instead of white.[/i]

Another player brought this up but it seems like the webclient renders these as all white now, while TinTin does as a wall of yellow. It seems like a bleeding device tag from AR overlay but I can't really figure why it would be a different color.

I have the same "color not returning to normal" issue on both Atlantis and MUDRammer.
Same issue with colors not reverting to normal on PotatoMU* and Mukluk. I think that's just a universal issue with clients beside the webclient.
MUSHclient seems to work fine.
Mudlet working fine here.
TT++ doesn't work with photo colors only for me, the rest is fine. Running it on Termux on Android.
There are some known issues with ANSI in terms of how we process / present it. I've looked into a change that will fix this but am unsure how viable it is. This may just be an issue folx have to live with for now. Will update if I'm able to come up with a solution that works for both the webclient and telnet based clients.